circuit city store shutdown

so circuit city is filing for bankruptcy. this is not a sign of good times. part of this means that they will have to shut down some of their stores around the country. one such store is the east palo alto location. everything in the store must go. a lot of the everything must go stuff has already gone, but there are a couple of things here and there worth looking at. it looks like a lot of the tvs and stereo systems are still on sale there.

i picked up a cordless phone system. it’s been a while since i bought a cordless phone. i thought the 2.4GHz phones i had was pretty decent, but apparently since then there have been 5.8GHz phones and now this new standard DECT 6.0. You would THINK these phones operate in the 6.0GHz frequency, but you would be wrong. they actually operate in the 1.9GHz range. the reason why it is called DECT 6.0 is purely for marketing reasons. people think bigger numbers are better.

anyway, everything must go at this store and everything is discounted at least 10% upwards to 20%. not a whole lot to get and things are being discounted off at retail prices so don’t expect huge savings once you consider tax, you’re really only getting a little bit off, but hey, a little is better than nothing and might be competitive with online prices. the phone i got was cheaper even with tax than any place i could find online.

the dog and my back

(i know…we suck, but it was halloween)

so koda has been getting pretty big. i don’t think that he is gaining weight as quickly as he was earlier so i’m hoping that his growth spurt has ended. he is already too big to be a lap dog, but he thinks that he still is and tries to sit himself in my lap…and doesn’t fit. this doesn’t appear to bother him as much as it bothers me.

christi and i took koda out on his first walk over the weekend. it started to rain which made me unhappy because i had not brought an umbrella with me. we toughed it out, though, and koda seemed to enjoy the walk. he did alright walking on a leash, we still have a ways to teach him how to properly walk on the leash, though.

i feel like i am an old man now. my back has been hurting for a week, but i finally decided that i could make volleyball. volleyball was a lot of fun, i played much better than i expected considering the back pain. the back actually loosened up soon.

role models

i got some free passes to go watch an advanced screening of role models, so christi, jim, and i went to watch it last night. i am always a little weary of any movie that sean william scott is in, because i don’t want to see another american pie movie. his character was considerably toned down though in comparison and had a little depth, too. don’t get me wrong, this movie is still mostly crude, but it delivers an entertaining performance.

the movie surprised me and though my expectations were low, i was very pleasantly surprised. the movie was funny, it had its heart-warming moments, and there were some laugh out loud moments. definitely a rental, but i don’t think you would be left disappointed if you go check it out in the theatres.

the bay area bubble

sometimes i forgot how much of a bubble i live in here in the bay area. with the results of the election in, it appears that prop 8 has been passed. this is the amendment to ban gay marriage. i had always thought that living in california, it would have been an easy prop to defeat. but as the results streamed in and it was close to a 50-50 vote, i also forgot how big the religious vote can factor into these types of moral issues.

it’s one of those things that i sort of took for granted, but the results today are a wake up call.

i voted!

did you rock the vote? i did. i rocked it hard. =P

it’s election day and though i requested to vote by mail, i went to the polling place to drop off my ballot. i heard on the radio that there were something like 7 million vote by mail ballots sent out this year. my polling place was overstaffed with volunteers (which isn’t a problem, really). there were no lines but people were trickling in the entire time i was there to vote.

in california, the biggest proposition that i have seen was prop 8. there were signs everywhere. a yes on 8 would “protect marriage” and ban gay marriage. a no on 8 would not eliminate marriage for anyone. i’ve seen public rallies taking place on street corners with supporters for a no vote on 8. the last i had heard said that the votes were still about 50/50 for prop 8. big day in politics for california.