dns-323 file system errors

i was having some trouble copying a file over from the NAS. i telnet’d into the NAS and tried to copy the file over and i got an input/output error. clearly something was wrong with the disk…and then i remembered that there was a power failure last night and it could very well be that the disk got corrupted when that happened. the big question that was presented to me was how do you check the disk for errors when this happens?

surely d-link has created some tool in the webUI somewhere to fix disk errors, right? nope.

so what am i supposed to do? in linux, i’d reboot and fsck the partition…but how do i do that with the NAS? it turns out that there’s a port of fsck for DNS-323 which will reboot and let you mount the main paritions for fsck’ing. fantastic!

i’m fsck’ing the RAID volume now so hopefully that will fix up all of my problems.

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  1. did this fix your errors? I’m having simular issues, except, i get “ls: reading directory .: Input/output error” on certain directories with NFS, but not when local or when using SMB. Strange.

  2. What if I have my drives neither as RAID nor as “2 separate disks”, but as a single large virtual drive that is the sum of the two? This bombs:

    e2fsck /dev/sda2
    e2fsck /dev/sdb2

    Should I run the RAID cmds even though I don’t have RAID setup? This:

    mdadm -A /dev/md0 /dev/sd[ab]2
    e2fsck /dev/md0

    Or should it be run some other way?


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