my cookies are not ugly

i made chocolate chip cookies the other day and christi made oatmeal cranberry cookies. hers had a more crumbly texture, were uniformly shaped, and was more healthy than mine. when she went to volleyball, she took some of my cookies and said, “i don’t want those ugly ones” pointing to some of the more irregular cookies i had made.

but my cookies aren’t ugly! they are made that way be design. i like my cookies to be a big chunk of cookie. i like that they are irregular, it gives them character. sure, i could have made an effort of make them look more uniform and pretty, but part of why i like making cookies is that they are different from store bought cookies. they just feel like they have personality.

just out of the oven, they were fantastic. crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. i think that i am going to have to make more cookies as this batch is disappearing quickly.

2 thoughts on “my cookies are not ugly”

  1. The direction your blog has been going, when I read the title, I thought someone had insulted your coding on some internet cookies you’d programmed.

  2. It’s funny to me how some people perceive abnormal as bad. Think about what the normal is. It’s what’s on TV that makes things normal. What!? So ridiculous but true. For example look at coke. Play enough coke commercials and people start thinking it’s the norm. I say I’m glad you like the irregular shaped cookies and I agree with you 100% PS drink filtered water you’ll be happier. Sorry Coke.

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