dog day evening

it really wasn’t so idle at our house while we had left kiara and koda there and went to dinner. no, instead, it was horror upon horror.1

the two dogs have managed to push the pen walls beyond the reaches of the protective linoleum. the shield, the last line of defense against the evil forces of pee, poo, and other things that come out of dogs was vulnerable. the dogs knew that victory was soon theirs.

they made quick work of the linoleum tearing it up into shreds and after they felt that they had left their mark, they left their mark…with pee…all over the kitchen floor…where the linoleum once protected it.

these are the things that i come home to after a nice dinner out.

  1. sometimes i feel a little bit better when i tell myself that they are just puppies and that i really do love them. sometimes. []