the dog tried to eat the UPS guy

our dog is a very excitable dog who loves to play. whenever someone new is at the door he very eagerly tries to make friends with them. the UPS guy came today to deliver a package and koda snuck past me and darted towards the guy.

i have never seen a guy run SO FAST before. he ran all the way back into his truck and koda thought it was a game and chased him. i chased koda and finally got him, but man, we really need to work on his commands when distracted. next time, i will be sure to keep him on a leash before i answer the door.

3 thoughts on “the dog tried to eat the UPS guy”

  1. Generally, all delivery people avoid dogs, they been attacked to many times. I think some even carry mace. The delivery people usually drop off the package at my place and don’t even ring the bell.

  2. Man, you should see the dogbite/workman’s comp cases that filter thru here due to uniformed delivery people being attacked by dogs.

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