canon 85mm f/1.2L

for my birthday, christi got me the insane canon 85mm f/1.2L! insane, i tell you. definitely a lens that i would never have gotten for myself just because the price tag itself just seems ridiculous, but as soon as i put the lens on my camera and gave it a go, i see now just how sweet it is.

but first, let me start with the cons. the lens is HEAVY. there’s a huge hunk of glass in this fast prime lens. the lens is fat, short, and heavy, but feels fantastic in my hands.

the lens is the slowest focusing lens i have in my collection of lenses, by far. the lens hunts and is poor in low light conditions, which is ironic because the lens performs FANTASTICALLY in low light once focus is achieved.

the pros: the lens is SO FAST. the bokeh is SO smooth. the images are SO sharp. it’s amazing. i’m doing a portrait photo shoot this weekend and it will be my first run through with the lens. let’s see how it works out.