new mongolian place

there’s a new mongolian restaurant called gobi mongolian bbq near work. i went there yesterday to try it out and it was completely empty. i did go off peak hours, though, so i guess that it to be expected. it’s an all you can eat $8 lunch and the food there was pretty good.

what surprises me about this place is just how clean it is. i don’t know why i equate mongolian bbq with dirty, greasy joints, but i do. the other thing that strikes me about this place is just how big it is. pretty good food, i’d recommend it if you are in the area.

i ended up going there again today and meeting up dardy and his co-workers for lunch. they all got two bowls of stuff to be made, but i opted to go with two trips of 1 bowl each. the one thing that i really like about the place is that they have a soft serve machine with good ice cream. on a hot day like today, it was a great dessert.

dardy told me that after lunch he had bad food coma. i guess it was a lot of food. the only thing i don’t like about the place is that they are not air conditioned. how can the cooks stand it? standing next to an oversized grill all day long with no air conditioning! crazy.

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