been busy, but there’s finally time for a little music

i’ve been so busy that i haven’t had the chance to really do much else but work and a little bit of volleyball. what has been almost criminal is that i’ve left depeche mode’s latest album sounds of the universe unheard for about a week now. so i’m finally getting around to giving it a listen.

there aren’t very many concerts that i would go out and watch these days, but i think that depeche mode might still be one of the few that i would like to go see. i went to the playing the angel concert and absolutely loved it. it could have been one of my favorite concerts ever. i guess it’s largely nostalgia when i listen to these guys, but i think going to the last concert also righted a past wrong.

back in high school, i had tickets to go see depeche mode during the songs of faith and devotion tour with some friends. i had been pretty excited about it and looking forward to it for a long time. back then, concert tickets weren’t as expensive as they are now, but it was still a lot of money for me back then.

i had the tickets in my room, but i was visiting my girlfriend at the time in berkeley. we were having a fight and i was going to leave to go see the concert when she gave me an ultimatum: it was either her or the concert. i was livid, but young and immature. i just didn’t know better and i picked her and missed the concert. things didn’t work out with her, as you can imagine, and i missed the concert. i did learn a life lesson though about the kind of person that i would want to be with and what was important to me, so it wasn’t all bad now that i look back at it.

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