the busy day before mother’s day

so yesterday was a busy day. i woke up earlier than i usually do to go help dardy move into his new place. this new place is 7 doors down from his old place! the floorplan is the same, so he said, wherever you pick up something from the old place, put it in the same spot in the new place.

i thought that dardy would have a ton of stuff to move, but i think there were about 15 people who came to help move him over. i think everything was done in around 2 hours.

i only stayed for the first hour because i had to go back home and meet up with christi and her family. we went to straits cafe (the first time, shockingly, for me). the garlic noodles there are to-die-for! the roti is pretty good too. i think i could have a full meal on just those two things.

after that we hung out at santana row for a little bit, looked around at borders and had yogurt at pinkberry. my first pinkberry experience was only so-so, but this time i had just the plain yogurt and it was pretty good. the line went out the door and we waited probably about ten minutes to get our yogurt, but it was pretty good. pinkberry has redeemed themselves as far as i’m concerned.

after that, the rest of the day, the night, and the very late night was spent working. i think i finally gave up around 2AM and went to bed. and now here i am, up earlier than i am usually on a work day at it again.

oh, and happy mother’s day everyone!

Twitter Updates for 2009-05-10

  • It is far too early to be up on a Sunday, but I’m getting ready to help @choccobo movebinyo his new house…7 doors down from his old place #
  • Why is it that everytime I tweet before 10am there are a ton of typos in my tweet? Clearly this is a sign that I ought not to be awake. #
  • @choccobo you should keep your wireless router at your old place and see if you get coverage at your new place. in reply to choccobo #
  • Spent the day fixing bugs. Still too many bugs left. Need industrial strength bug killer… #