bombing the house

i just bombed the house because we have been having a rash of spider sightings lately. not a night has gone by where we haven’t seen a spider, so it was time to do something about it.

we got the fogger started and went out to dinner. and all of places we went to have PIZZA for dinner. christi got a small artichoke hearts, chicken, and no cheese pizza. i got a large mushroom and pepperoni pizza. mmm. we each ate half a pizza. i was telling her that half a small pizza is like one quarter of a large pizza. she didn’t believe me and i did the math and she still didn’t believe me.


lack of new tv

it’s been a real drought of good tv shows lately. with all of the season finales that have come to pass, there aren’t too many shows left that i look forward to.

now that i have to find new ways to entertain myself, i have been catching up on tv shows that i have been meaning to watch. i am about halfway through with smallville season 6. i cannot believe that lex and lana are an item. i know this is old news to probably everyone else, but man, that really bothers me.

freezer space rationing

my parents had to get their house fumigated for termites so all the food in their house had to go. my mom gave me the contents of her freezer and so i had to make room in our freezer for all of this newly found food.

a week or so later, christi’s grandmother made her all these rice cakes for her, her brother, and her dad. all of these needed to fit in the freezer too. our freezer has never been more full.

it is so full, in fact, that when i open the freezer door, the two drawers are stuck together, so i have to pry them apart to get to the contents of the lower bin.

this has had a detrimental effect to my ice cream supply. i was running low on ice cream and now i can’t stock up on any until some of this freezer space is cleared out. i’m down to half a carton of ice cream now. it’s ridiculous. i need to go make some room and buy another 5 or 6 cartons as soon as i can.

speaking of running low, the office has run out of diet coke and so i am now forced to drink caffeine free diet coke. it just doesn’t taste right.