oh yeah! i totally forgot to mention that i went to seattle this weekend. pictures from seattle are posted as well. it’s been a while since i took pictures, so it’s nice to know that i haven’t forgotten how to do it.

we drove out to tacoma on our trip and i have to say that tacoma is pretty disappointing. there are some museums and the museum of glass, the chihuly bridge, and the lunch we had there was great, but aside from that, not a whole lot out there. downtown was pretty dead and pretty small. we kept getting lost trying to find the city center because we didn’t realize we were already in it. so we kept following signs that took us to the port of seattle and eventually back to where we started again. it was then we realized that we were in downtown tacoma.

krispy kreme in the office

there’s krispy kreme in the office again.

i’ve already taken one because the call of the maple glazed donut is too strong, but i haven’t eaten it yet. i’m trying to hold out so that i won’t have the urge to eat more of them.

but it is taunting me. beckoning me to eat all of its delicious glory. beckoning? did i say beckoning? i meant mocking.