Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-06

  • Just fixed an issue in production after being woken up way too early in the morning. #
  • you know you are working too hard when you try to google "deadliest catch" but end up typing "deadliest captcha". #
  • Didn't know the bachelorette was already airing. Really would have liked to have seen Melissa Rycroft on it but hear she's engaged now. #
  • I somehow always manage to make healthy cereal unhealthy. Raisin bran crunch looked healthy, I can't help it if the crunch is sugar coated. #
  • Mailman at work told mehiw he was on vietnam's national ping pong team & his father went to the olympics to compete. #
  • Ugh, girl in front of me just placed an order for 7 pearl tea drinks. I'm never getting my pearl tea. #
  • finally! #
  • brought koda to work and all he wanted was to sleep under my desk. #
  • Getting ready to watch spamalot. #

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