day of movies

i’ve been spending the day cleaning up around the house and watching movies. i’m bringing out some of the classics. the first movie i broke out was “she’s all that”. it’s still as good as the first time i saw it.

and now i’m watching “win a date with tad hamilton” and i just saw my favorite scene in the movie.

pete: tad she is a wonderful person with a huge heart…and the kind of beauty that a guy sees only once, you know, once. listen, tad, if there’s even a chance that you could break her heart, for her sake, walk away, man.

tad: i could never break rosalee’s heart. ok

pete: good. because if you do, i swear to god, i will tear you to pieces with my bare hands…or vicious rhetoric.

oh…it turns out that i must have liked the line a lot the first time around because i blogged about it before.

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