For the switchers…

i have been a long time windows user and recently i have started to make the move to mac os x. after switching, there’s a whole bunch of things that one needs to ease the transition:

“Fix” Home/End to work like Windows
remap home/end

ACDSee Pro for mac – image viewer
Adium + Adium extras – best IM client for mac
cocoa-sshtunnel– front-end to create ssh tunnels
Cornerstone – svn client
Cyberduck – ftp/sftp client
Firefox – web browser
Growl – notification system
iStat menus – stats about your system in the menu bar
iTerm – terminal replacement
JollysFastVNC – fast VNC client that supports TightVNC protocol
MacFUSE + NTFS-3G – read/write NTFS from mac
MacPorts Project + Porticus – lots of UNIX apps ported to the mac and frontend to the macports.
MAMP – Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP
Microsoft Office 2008
OmniGraffle Pro – Visio replacement
Plex – media center for OS X
Quicksilver – application launcher
uTorrent – bittorrent client
VMware Fusion – run windows/linux in mac
Wine – run windows apps in mac
Witch – a better alt-tab

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