stream torrent

stream torrent is a p2p tv streaming app. stream quality isn’t fantastic, but it is certainly watchable and better than nothing.

buffering takes noticeably longer than standard streaming and the quality of the streams seems to sit at around 400kbit which makes windowed viewing ok, but full screen viewing is pretty pixelated.

this technology, i would imagine is pretty cpu-intensive and so i think it is unfortunately limited to computers, but just think about the possibilities here. a decentralized streaming source where, if you have a large enough network, you could sustain much higher bit rates.

this technology seems to be pretty popular for chinese programming, but there are a few US channels that are broadcast that are of particular interest. how will cable channels like the NFL network and ESPN stop this kind of broadcasting?

what’s even cooler is that i was running stream torrent in a windows 7 VM and it was working just fine. it’s a shame that there’s no native mac client for this sort of stuff.

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