recent (for me) iphone app gems

i really thought that i had all the apps that i would need on my iphone, but recently, i have found a few apps that look very promising. most of these are apps that have been around for a while, but i never really understood their usefulness until now.

mobile air mouse – turn your iphone into a remote keyboard/mouse. this is fantastic for presentations, which is the first use that i thought of for this app, but what makes it even better is the keyboard. this transforms my iphone into a remote control for my HTPC. works on macs or PCs. so cool because the tuner for my HDTV can only be controlled via keyboard right now. i had to VNC in and change the channel. such a pain.

xbmc – remote control for XBMC. now that i’ve got my XBMC media center working in the bedroom, this app becomes quite relevant. i can use this app as a remote to control my XBMC. it’s almost as good as the remote i’m actually using, but consolidation of devices makes it worth losing the tactile response from a dedicated remote.

jaadu vnc – i didn’t think that a VNC client on an iphone would be usable, but this client is surprisingly handy. i don’t do a lot of VNC access from the iphone, but this makes it usable when i need to. pretty speedy, it supports tightVNC.

umonitor – iphone app to monitor your utorrent status. very simple interface, but it’s nice to be able to just check at a glance at the state of utorrent.

galcon labs- this risk-like game in space is easy to pick up and very entertaining. i’m surprised that i haven’t heard of it before. there’s also a lux dlx port to iphone which is risk, but i kind of like galcon more.

minigore – i’ve seen this game mentioned several times, but only now have i tried it out. it’s a lot of fun, but i have no idea how people can get such high scores on it.

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