Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-12

  • First pediatrician visit with the baby boy. Kyden looks very comfortable in his ridiculously heavy car seat. #
  • Thanks for all the congratulations and well wishes. Christi, Koda, and I are all adjusting to Kyden's schedule. #
  • Picked 100% correctly in my pick 'em league. Never have I done that before. Let's see if I can do it again! #
  • Went to get a flu shot at work only to find out that the flu shots were rescheduled. #
  • Giving mom a break and feeding Kyden now. She fell right to sleep and he fell right asleep after feeding. #
  • ordering a large white out pizza, a large half railroad grade/poultry geist pizza, and a small big wednesday calzone for dinner for three. #
  • At the adult immunization clinic. The wait here is kind of long. #
  • Trying to get my tdap shot but they are administering these shots verrrrry slowly. #
  • got Tdap shot today…arm is a little sore, but otherwise feeling fine. #
  • rewired phone/dsl lines, fixed upstairs media center, and updated xbmc on xbox classic. sleep when baby sleeps? not working out so much… #
  • received the new HDTV antenna in the mail today and installed it for football tomorrow. ready to watch the niners take on atlanta! #
  • Hello, Raiders. I know it is early in the game and there's plenty of time on the clock, but I am sad to say it's already over. #
  • as much as i want to blame jamarcus russell for raiders woes, his o-line isn't helping him any. 28-0 2nd qtr w/ 12:37 left? man, that's bad. #

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  1. Hey Tanaka, I still swing by your blog on occasion and I just wanted to say congrats to the two of you on your baby boy. He’s very cute!

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