on being a dad

it was two weeks ago today that i came home from work like any other day not really thinking that anything would be out of the ordinary.

i came home to find that christi had been having contractions all day long and they were coming in closer and closer. i told her that at this rate she would be having our kid tonight. she refused, wanting the kid to wait until the weekend.

earlier in the day, i had downloaded an iphone app that would time contractions and i immediately launched it and started to measure how far apart the contractions were.

later that night we were heading over to the hospital. dropped off koda at a friend’s place and got admitted to the hospital.

the next day, our son came into our lives. for the next 24 hours more people than i can remember asked what his name is and we replied, “we haven’t picked one yet.”

these past two weeks have been sleep-deprived, dirty diaper-filled, exhausting, but most of all rewarding.

just before kyden was born, i have never really been very interested in holding other people’s babies. in fact, i was very uncomfortable doing it and avoided it whenever possible. there have been only a handful of babies i’ve ever held in my life. but after kyden was born, i was never hesitant, reluctant, or nervous about holding him.

i’ve read about how, for some fathers, there’s some kind of internal switch that just flips after their child is born. sure, life is different now and it does feel like we’ve just started on one huge journey into the unknown, but it’s all rather exciting. have my love for gadgets subsided suddenly? not quite. =P sometimes when i look at him, though, i’m just struck by how amazing it is that we’ve brought a new life into the world.

the kid can cry, though. and let me tell you, it is shocking just how loud this kid’s farts are.

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