the flu shot fiasco

so our company has been trying to setup a flu shot clinic with a mobile clinic that will come to our offices and administer flu shots. the first scheduled date was rescheduled for a few weeks later. the second scheduled date was just canceled and rescheduled for some time in the future due to lack of flu shots. our company has decided that they will just reimburse anyone who gets a flu shot from anywhere, so i went out to safeway today to get my flu shot.

i had to wait for one other person in front of me, but the entire process took less than 30 minutes. in and out, nice and easy. nothing like the travel clinic i went to where it took nearly an hour and a half to get my TDaP.

so now i’m vaccinated for TDaP and the normal flu shot. the only other shot i’m thinking about getting is the H1N1 flu shot. i hear that this shot might be more expensive than the other ones. i guess we’ll have to see when it finally becomes available.

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