Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-26

  • koda and i took a walk in the rain. he was very scared of the umbrella i was holding, but didn't mind the wet rain. #
  • 8#14oz today – kyden has been gaining nearly 2oz a day. #
  • segfaults, segfaults, segfaults…all day long. ugh. #
  • can somebody who works at #yahoo fantasy sports PLEASE take matt forte off the can't cut list? my K & TEs have more fantasy points than him #
  • Kyden's cute when he isn't crying. #
  • Safeway offers flu shots for $30. no appointment necessary, just walk in, get it, and go. they also give a 10% off grocery purchase w/ shot. #
  • come on, niners! it's still early in the game, don't give up! do i dare root for crabtree to make some big plays after all his drama? #

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