happy halloween

i’m sitting now on my stairs next to the front door passing out candy, holding koda back from the kids who are waiting for their candy. some of the kids are clearly afraid of dogs while others are very happy to greet and pet koda. it’s a very exciting day for koda, but a tiring day for me.

so far i think we’ve seen about 50 kids come by, a far cry from the 300 pieces of candy that i bought for them. it’s a shade past 8PM and i think that the trick or treating crowd might be over already.

while waiting for kids to come by, i decided to see if i can smooth out the transition for the rest of dardy’s blog. he had some trouble with his hosting company, so i offered to host his blog on my server.

i love wordpress installs. they are so easy and quick. those guys at wordpress have really figured out how to do it right.

i think i’m going to try to install SNMP and munin/MRTG on the box so that i can have some numbers on what’s going on with the box.

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