fix nano’s brightblack in iTerm

the default settings for iTerm make bright colors bold instead of having a darker and brighter color. to make use of nano’s bright black (dark grey) color in iTerm, you need to go into iTerm’s settings:

Bookmarks->Manage Profiles->Display Profiles->Dark Background

and check Disable bold.

voila, you know have dark and bright ANSI colors!

the candy dilemma

for halloween, i went to costco and bought two bags of 150 pieces of candy in anticipation for all of the trick or treaters. it turns out that about 100 pieces were given out on halloween leaving me with about a third of 1 bag and 1 bag completely unopen.

that’s a lot of candy.

i’m not sure what i’m going to do with it all. but i did find that there’s a group of dentists that will buy back your candy and sent to US soldiers serving overseas. pretty cool, idea.