wireless keyboard

a long, long time ago when i first bought my ps3, i also bought a logitech bluetooth mediaboard for the playstation, thinking that i would install linux on the ps3 and would need a good wireless solution. the mediaboard was particularly of interest because it had integrated a touchpad in the keyboard, was bluetooth enabled, and had bindings for the ps3’s buttons. the keyboard works great with the ps3, but i found that i don’t really use linux on the ps3 and when i’m using the ps3, i generally end up using a remote control to access it.

as such, the mediaboard has been collecting dust for some time now. i just added a $5 USB bluetooth dongle to the media server and decided to give the keyboard a whirl. i don’t often need a keyboard for the media center, but when i do, this keyboard works great. i’ve been using the iphone as a keyboard/mouse replacement, but when you need to do a lot of typing, nothing beats a real keyboard.

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