Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-09

  • The receipt that I was looking for ALL weekend at home ended up being in my cube at work! #
  • At 1 month, Kyden weighs 10#10oz. Peditrician said, "He's growing like weeds." #
  • got leftover candy? a group of dentists will buy it from you and send to US soldiers serving overseas. #
  • really bummed that the quality of pizza at the round table pizza lunch buffet by work is not up to par. pizza was soggy. 🙁 #
  • Kyden likes to stretch and hog the bed when he goes to sleep. #
  • Kyden is a happy baby, but is still fussy through the night. #
  • First fire of the season. It's not THAT cold, but fire is always fun. #
  • At Lowes trying to get a delivery receipt for a washer & dryer I bought last week so I can file for the rebates. #
  • Got the receipt I needed, finally. They first told me that they didn't have it but after insisting they gave me a copy. #
  • ugh, turned down playing settlers of catan because i've got too much work to do. so bummed! #
  • Orb For Mac Streams iTunes Content To Any Device (For Free) : #
  • Working on a Sunday means working from home on 4 screens. #

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