setting up a shared calendar on the iPhone

christi and i have had a web-based shared calendar for quite some time now. we use it to manage our schedules, keep track of sharks tickets that we have, and any other things we need to put on a calendar. it’s been really handy to have it online so we can access it wherever we are.

i made a couple of enhancements to the calendar so that we can color-code entries that we have put into the calendar, so it was pretty handy to have.

since we got iPhones it seemed like the next step to figure out how to get this web-based calendar onto the iphone. i found that you can sync your google calendar with your phone. google calendar supports external calendar subscriptions by URL in iCal format, so i made an iCal feed that my google calendar then imports and updates.

this enabled us to have read-only access to our shared calendar and seemed to do quite well for some time. it didn’t happen until now, months since i first set this up, that we would add/edit events on our phone. the only way we could do this was through the web, so i decided it was time to chuck the old web software away and fully embrace google calendars.

i set up a new calendar in my account and shared it with christi’s gmail account. then i imported all of the events from our web-based calendar (again through an iCal file). now, we have a shared calendar syncing on our phones, and because the iPhone supports full sync support in the calendars, we can now add/edit/remove events from our phones.

i’m a little sad that the modified web calendar is being put out to pasture, but i really like the idea of having a shared calendar accessible on the web and on the device.

i’m sure that many, many people have already done this, but it’s new to me and that makes it cool.

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  1. yes, you are slow… kind of uncharacteristic to be so slow on the technology uptake. hehe! i’ve doing for some time now. ­čÖé

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