Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-30

  • Hung above a toilet in a Korean restaurant. Not sure what it says in Korean but translation is funny. #
  • Costco is really taking a shot at Coke b/c they won't negotiate good prices with them. #
  • nice. the new memcached 1.4.3 breaks PHP's memcache 2.2.25 extension, delete() doesn't work anymore. who needs to delete anyway, right? #
  • yay, $1 ebay USB bluetooth adapter works on the mac out of the box. #
  • Lines at safeway are insanely long. All the last minute thanksgiving grocery shopping madness is here. #
  • Happy thanksgiving! #
  • An x large pizza serves 4-5 people? I think not, Extreme Pizza. Maybe 2-3! #
  • Lots of desserts tonight. #
  • Checking out a restaurant in Fremont, of all places! #
  • Eating at another restaurant in Fremont. #

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