blog neglect and other things…

the blog has been neglected for quite some time now…far too long, but i just haven’t had the energy to blog lately. much has happened and i feel like i should at least try to recap what’s been going since last i wrote.

the last real post was at the end of march. in february i quit my job. it was tough to leave the team at the company, but the company was at a crossroads and it seemed like the right time to go.

after giving notice, i started to look for a new job. the job search this time around was a lot more difficult than previous times. the interview process was a lot more intense and there were more companies who gave me homework and coding tests. i was not happy about that.

i took a week off before the start of the job hunt and then after about three weeks i had some good leads. i think by week four, i had accepted the job offer at my current company and had two weeks before my start date.

all this time, i became full time daddy day care taking care of kyden full time because christi’s maternity leave ended. let me tell you, the transition to taking care of kyden from only a few hours a day to full time was really rough at first. but i got into my rhythm and it was pretty fun.

i started work full time and i’m just getting into the swing of things there. it’s been a big change for me to work at a big company, but it’s been pretty good so far. i originally had thought that the transition would be harder for me, but it turns out that it was pretty easy.

and now life seems to have stabilized. job’s good. kid’s good. still have the old camera. i keep getting the itch, but so far the 5DII isn’t enough for me to make the upgrade. maybe the next rev will do it, though.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-10

  • go sharks! #
  • OMG! ANOTHER nail in my tire. christi asked me if i was having an affair with a construction worker. #
  • i am disturbed that a friend (you know who you are mimi!) is my dad's facebook friend, but he hasn't requested me to be his friend yet. #
  • Are you ready for Game 4 today? Go Sharks! #
  • at some point, you gotta ask yourself, "can i fit another ad on this page?" and STOP. #
  • Just watched Avatar on the home theatre and it was breathtaking. Still live the projector. #
  • Ugh Christi took the car seat with her to the dog park. Kyden and I are stranded at home. #
  • Just watched Stanford beat Penn state in three. Some of the serving at this level was surprisingly weak. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

  • I think I made too many cream puffs. #
  • windows, ps3mediaserver, VM, & orb live server updates. it's been a long night of updates. it's the less glamorous side of sysadmin. #
  • oops, i forgot to bring the cream puffs into work today. i guess i'm just going to have to eat them all by myself when i get home. bummer. #
  • i keep using "." to concatenate strings in javascript and i keep forgetting that it's wrong and spend time debugging my forgetfulness *sigh* #
  • breaking my no diet coke before noon rule this morning. i've been awake far too long on far too little sleep. i may have to nap at lunch. #
  • Is it just me or has this season's interaction between simon and ryan become really uncomfortable on idol? #
  • Let's go sharks! #