Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-05

  • ugh, after an hour of debugging, i found out why my code was running SO SLOW. to reward myself, i finally broke down & ordered an iphone 4. #
  • since @getuncommon custom iphone 4 cases aren't available yet, i had to get a cheap case for now. you know, for the phone i don't have yet. #
  • Kyden, Christi, and Koda are all sleeping right now. And what do I do? *sigh* gotta squeeze in some work before I go to work! #ThatsNotRight #
  • need propane. kid is sleeping upstairs and christi is out. how else does one cook tri-tip? #
  • i don't think i qualify to be an outlaw audio beta tester b/c my setup isn't fancy enough. i got an invite to be an exclusive tester, too! #
  • NSFW: iPhone 4 deleted scenes #
  • got my iphone 4 case in the mail. wish i could say the same about my iphone 4. #
  • Warehouse fire in San Jose is a couple of miles from our house. Hoping the wind keeps the smoke away from the house. #
  • Christi saved us $40 on a stroller. We had to go to San Bruno to get it…and I don't want to think about how much we spent saving that $40. #

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