Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-12

  • oooh, warehouse 13 is back! #
  • It's not child abuse if he likes it, right? When Christi's away, I have very effective ways to contain Kyden. #
  • RT @TVGuide: So You Think You Can Dance's Alex Wong Injured – – wow could be anybody's chance to win if Alex is out. #
  • iphone4 is on its way. already have a temporary case, but really need to decide on my final case. any suggestions? #
  • Someone burned something pretty bad in the kitchen at work. The whole floor is starting to smell of smoke. #
  • no one at home answered the door when the fedex delivery guy tried to deliver my iphone4. sad. 🙁 #
  • Just picked up the iPhone from the fedex sort facility. Line went out the door and into the parking lot. Total wait time: 50 minutes for me. #
  • Apparently I am the only one who can still put him in the exersaucer without him screaming bloody murder. #
  • I should know better than to grocery shop while hungry. #
  • koda is waiting patiently for kyden to drop some of his lunch. #
  • The cheap iPhone screen protector never adhered to my screen right. It peeled off yesterday and now I have naked glass exposed on the front. #

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