Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-02

  • Didn't think that this was a yuppie neighborhood but how else can you explain this? #
  • Upload speeds on AT&T in my neighborhood on 3G look fine to me. #
  • i almost really want one of these. #
  • Tried to sleep early but got woken up by a fussy Kyden. Wonder if he was having bad dreams. Finally got him back 2 bed but am wide awake now #
  • New day, new prison #
  • Tachi didn't seem to care when I broke into his house. #
  • just got shipment notice of my free #iphone4 case from apple. #
  • Had no idea how to pronounce @MillaJovovich 's name until I followed her on twitter. Hi Milla! #
  • Local Starbucks wouldn't give me pumps w/ purchase of syrup. Had to go to the store near work and they happily provided them to me. #
  • All port 80 outbound net connections are not working. Can't browse web. DNS, ssh, & other ports work fine. Weird. #
  • Christi doesn't believe in wearing most fur, but apparently dog fur is ok. #
  • Kyden's got Koda by his leash. #
  • Happy birthday to my favorite aunt! #
  • Played in AACO tournament. Won consolation bracket. Thought it was lame that they didn't have enough prizes for all 4 members of our team. #

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