Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-23

  • probably not a good sign when my new laptop keeps BSOD'ing on me. #
  • I think if Kyden really wanted to, he could sleep through the night. He didn't really need to be fed just now. #
  • Great, the one turn I make is the one that hits a stuck-on railroad crossing. I'm never getting home. #
  • Right after ordering a new tv, my new one decided to stop working. No tv for a week. Maybe I should buy an emergency tv to hold me over. #
  • took longer to change christi's car battery than i thought it would. spent an extra 5 minutes looking for a wrench i dropped under the hood. #
  • Couldn't find my iPhone this morning. Finally found it now. I felt so incomplete all day! #
  • just replaced the lamp in the tv with an old one and now the tv is working again. guess i just had a bad lamp. new tv comes monday. =P #
  • Watching PMs and DEVs play against each other in a company softball game. Score is 11-1. Guess which team has 11. ­čśŤ #

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