Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-13

  • Me: Kyden, you can't fit there.
    Kyden: Yes, I can.
    Me: No, you can't.
    Kyden: Yes, I can! Wait, help me!!!
    Me: Ugh #
  • i hate CSS. that is all. #
  • have i mentioned that i hate CSS? i might hate IE more, though. #
  • Holy crap Alex Smith!! He was WIDE OPEN! Ugh. #nfl #
  • Busiest & slowest Pizza Hut ever. They said ready in 25 minutes, I came to pickup in 30, & have been waiting for 10 more. Still no pizza. =( #
  • This pizza doesn't fit in the passenger seat of my car. #
  • I'm so happy the 49ers decided to keep Alex Smith and let Shaun Hill go. It made such a difference in how much the 49ers could suck. #NFL =( #