Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-18

  • why is my load testing failing at such low concurrency? oh, server max connections is 10? yeah, this box won't scale. #
  • yay! i finally got #NewTwitter maybe i'll actually use instead of my favorite twitter client. nah…i <3 SimplyTweet #
  • favre throws his 500th career TD to moss. long bomb, jump ball type pass for 37 yards on 3rd and 17. vintage favre. #NFL #
  • It's sad, yet telling, when your day is made because your kid had a bowel movement. #
  • What's the point of being an Avis preferred member if they don't have your car waiting for you? #
  • Oh Avis' computers are down. What's the point of having computers if they go down? #
  • I'm standing in the largest old navy I have ever seen. Why? Didn't pack the clothes for the weekend. #
  • Day of the wedding today. We are staying at the hotel where the wedding is at. It is fancy here. #
  • At the Aquarium of the Pacific next to the Queen Mary. #
  • Road closures all around The Pike. I just want to get out of here! #
  • Ah crap. First adult visit to the ER for me. I'm fine, but this sucks. #
  • Flight delayed 30 minutes. We will be later and later to dinner. #
  • Ugh @southwestair broke our stroller and told us to go to the baggage office only to tell us they aren't liable for damage. #
  • Kyden loved the touch pool at the aquarium. I did not love that he got drenched. #
  • I ran the slideshow at the wedding, but didn't make it. I'm told that I'm the only friend who knows how to do it. #

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