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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-01

  • Just took Christi to the airport. Traffic was light, the sky was not. #
  • Just won my fantasy matchup. Now I can concentrate on walking the dog so I can spend the rest of the night working. Joy. #
  • today's work playlist – glee. today's to do list – not glee. #
  • Just installed a "parking lot" for Kyden's various rides. That kid is such a baller. #
  • A healthy…errr vegetarian meal. #
  • Don't panic. #
  • Don't panic. #
  • OMG! Chu Chu Rocket has been ported to the iPhone. Good times. #
  • Kyden has been particularly difficult today. As revenge, I put him in the ugliest outfit I could find. I think he still has the upper hand. #
  • Forever 21 at the Great Mall sells men's clothes. That's just not right. #
  • Standing in the slowest moving line at Kohl's ever. About 15 people ahead of me. Who knew Kohl's was such a happening place? #
  • So tired. Need caffeine, preferably in the form of pearl milk tea…or diet coke…I am desperate enough; I'd take diet coke w/ pearls. #
  • David Carr got passed up for this? Did the offensive coaches get benched too? Is that why they can't get the play off? #
  • First set of trick or treaters was 15 kids big. Im dressed as a sleep-deprived dad with snot covering his shirt. Kyden helped w/ my costume. #
  • Koda's barking w/ the same gumption every time the doorbell rings. Most kids are keeping a distance from door. #
  • Our neighbor is a dentist. He gives out business cards with candy and tells kids to visit him tomorrow. #
  • Opened the door. Koda barked. He's tied to the banister but that didn't stop the kid behind the door from running into the street in fear. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-18

  • why is my load testing failing at such low concurrency? oh, server max connections is 10? yeah, this box won't scale. #
  • yay! i finally got #NewTwitter maybe i'll actually use instead of my favorite twitter client. nah…i <3 SimplyTweet #
  • favre throws his 500th career TD to moss. long bomb, jump ball type pass for 37 yards on 3rd and 17. vintage favre. #NFL #
  • It's sad, yet telling, when your day is made because your kid had a bowel movement. #
  • What's the point of being an Avis preferred member if they don't have your car waiting for you? #
  • Oh Avis' computers are down. What's the point of having computers if they go down? #
  • I'm standing in the largest old navy I have ever seen. Why? Didn't pack the clothes for the weekend. #
  • Day of the wedding today. We are staying at the hotel where the wedding is at. It is fancy here. #
  • At the Aquarium of the Pacific next to the Queen Mary. #
  • Road closures all around The Pike. I just want to get out of here! #
  • Ah crap. First adult visit to the ER for me. I'm fine, but this sucks. #
  • Flight delayed 30 minutes. We will be later and later to dinner. #
  • Ugh @southwestair broke our stroller and told us to go to the baggage office only to tell us they aren't liable for damage. #
  • Kyden loved the touch pool at the aquarium. I did not love that he got drenched. #
  • I ran the slideshow at the wedding, but didn't make it. I'm told that I'm the only friend who knows how to do it. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-11

  • This morning Kyden crawled up to me, looked at me, flopped his head down and fell asleep. Must've been tired. #
  • Just got these cookies: Cow chip cookies. Is this what passes as smart marketing? Cookies were good though. #
  • At the eBay fashion show where employees are showing off fashions bought from the eBay fashion vertical. #
  • Lisa and Paul are going to throw it down in a buffet eating contest. I think Paul might have about 100 pounds on her. #
  • Killing some time before the wedding at Starbucks in Harrah's. #
  • Lunch is awful, awful. #
  • Lost in the Circus Circus parking lot. Send help…and pearl tea…and a donut. #
  • Finally, they are going to put in Carr. You're our only hope! #NFL #49ers #
  • OMG they aren't putting in Carr. #WTF #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-04

  • nerdy tweet alert – just performed "yum erase mysql", "yum install mysql" on a production box to resolve some conflicts. scary! #
  • omg the bagger was told to get hummus and he brought back salsa. We had to wait for him to go back and try again. 2nd try- hot salsa. #
  • Home Depot is dead at 9pm on a Thursday night. #
  • my brother frwrded me an email that reminded him that my son's 1st birthday is today. it's a good thing he reminded me of my own kid's bday! #
  • Happy birthday, Kyden! You are one year old today! #
  • GRRRR! alex smith needs to stop doing stupid things. #NFL #49ers #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-20

  • first diet coke of the day. is this why my vision is blurry today? #
  • Getting food from the mogo Korean taco truck. #
  • RT @billprady: The crew of #bigbangtheory sends a get well message to Kaley – how cool is that? #
  • just watched #nikita and #hellcats last night. the #CW is bringing on some strong shows, i love them both. #
  • Milpitas Great Mall home depot parking sucks. Spent almost 15 minutes looking for a spot for 5 minutes of shopping. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-13

  • Me: Kyden, you can't fit there.
    Kyden: Yes, I can.
    Me: No, you can't.
    Kyden: Yes, I can! Wait, help me!!!
    Me: Ugh #
  • i hate CSS. that is all. #
  • have i mentioned that i hate CSS? i might hate IE more, though. #
  • Holy crap Alex Smith!! He was WIDE OPEN! Ugh. #nfl #
  • Busiest & slowest Pizza Hut ever. They said ready in 25 minutes, I came to pickup in 30, & have been waiting for 10 more. Still no pizza. =( #
  • This pizza doesn't fit in the passenger seat of my car. #
  • I'm so happy the 49ers decided to keep Alex Smith and let Shaun Hill go. It made such a difference in how much the 49ers could suck. #NFL =( #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-06

  • Kyden had a blast at the little gym. #
  • eBay's 15 year anniversary. #
  • thinking about biking to work tomorrow to spare the air. dusted off Bluey, tuned the bike, and went for a short test ride. #
  • Biking to work. #sparetheair #
  • Crap, dropped my map, had to backtrack to find it. # SpareTheAir #
  • Crap, dropped my map, had to backtrack to find it. # SpareTheAir #
  • Drink break 7 miles into bike ride. There's construction on the trail, have to take detour. #SpareTheAir #
  • i am not looking forward to biking home in this heat. #
  • #SpareTheAir ? biking in this heat should make a new hash tag #SpareTheMike #
  • Have a flat tire. Stranded. Send help. And a pearl tea please. #SpareTheAir #fail #
  • It is a complete coincidence that I got a flat next to Wing Stop. #
  • wow, hotmail/ is down for maintenance now? #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-30

  • Bought the last 2 cases of caffeine free diet coke at safeway. Had to buy at least 4 cases to get sale price, so I bought 8 just in case. #
  • Someone needs to invent an automatic diaper changer so I don't need to wake ip at 3am to change a diaper. That person would make billions. #
  • dodgeball playoffs today. single elimination. let the games begin. #
  • Ugh 101 degrees at 6pm?? #
  • This heat wave is doing a number on Kyden's sleep schedule. He has woken up twice tonight screaming bloody murder. #
  • it makes me really mad when websites don't fit 1024px wide. what is digg thinking? #
  • christi and her dad are arguing about whether or not he is asian. he claims he's not asian, but instead chinese. christi's rolling her eyes. #
  • Hello mother ship, I have come home. #
  • Kyden likes the farmers market. #