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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-23

  • probably not a good sign when my new laptop keeps BSOD'ing on me. #
  • I think if Kyden really wanted to, he could sleep through the night. He didn't really need to be fed just now. #
  • Great, the one turn I make is the one that hits a stuck-on railroad crossing. I'm never getting home. #
  • Right after ordering a new tv, my new one decided to stop working. No tv for a week. Maybe I should buy an emergency tv to hold me over. #
  • took longer to change christi's car battery than i thought it would. spent an extra 5 minutes looking for a wrench i dropped under the hood. #
  • Couldn't find my iPhone this morning. Finally found it now. I felt so incomplete all day! #
  • just replaced the lamp in the tv with an old one and now the tv is working again. guess i just had a bad lamp. new tv comes monday. =P #
  • Watching PMs and DEVs play against each other in a company softball game. Score is 11-1. Guess which team has 11. ๐Ÿ˜› #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-02

  • Didn't think that this was a yuppie neighborhood but how else can you explain this? #
  • Upload speeds on AT&T in my neighborhood on 3G look fine to me. #
  • i almost really want one of these. #
  • Tried to sleep early but got woken up by a fussy Kyden. Wonder if he was having bad dreams. Finally got him back 2 bed but am wide awake now #
  • New day, new prison #
  • Tachi didn't seem to care when I broke into his house. #
  • just got shipment notice of my free #iphone4 case from apple. #
  • Had no idea how to pronounce @MillaJovovich 's name until I followed her on twitter. Hi Milla! #
  • Local Starbucks wouldn't give me pumps w/ purchase of syrup. Had to go to the store near work and they happily provided them to me. #
  • All port 80 outbound net connections are not working. Can't browse web. DNS, ssh, & other ports work fine. Weird. #
  • Christi doesn't believe in wearing most fur, but apparently dog fur is ok. #
  • Kyden's got Koda by his leash. #
  • Happy birthday to my favorite aunt! #
  • Played in AACO tournament. Won consolation bracket. Thought it was lame that they didn't have enough prizes for all 4 members of our team. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-26

  • Really like Covert Affairs, can't decide if Piper Perabo is too cute for the role, though. #
  • spent the night fixing the laptop. went from no boot to no video to no keyboard/mouse to finally working. #
  • Looks like the Tylenol recall is still in effect. Bad time for Kyden to have a fever. #
  • Employees are auditioning on campus to sing the national anthem at a baseball game later this season. #
  • Really preferred Maggie Lawson as a blonde. #psych #
  • Farmer's market comes to work. #
  • Bought black Corinth grapes from the farmers market. Very sweet. #
  • just placed an order for my free #iphone4 case. decided to go with the black bumper. #
  • Kid is still sleeping. I'm not complaining, but this is highly unusual. #
  • RT @MacRumors Apple Delays White iPhone 4 Until Later This Year. – still holding out for white? in reply to MacRumors #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-19

  • Video editing #
  • you know it's trouble when 3 of your co-workers come into your cube with concerned looks on their faces. #
  • I am dragging this morning. Not sure why, either. But it such a struggle to get out of bed and feed Kyden. He is refusing to nap now. #
  • This does not look like the face of a tired baby. It is going to be a long morning. #
  • facetime requires certain ports to be open to use it. kind of sucky. #
  • OMG my building at work is energy star rated which means that they turn off the air conditioning after 6. I am sweating in my cube! #
  • can't believe i just tested 5 flashlight apps. LED Flashlight HD – fast startup & whole screen for on/off wins #iphone4 #
  • It's hard to stay mad at this face even if he spits a mouthful of oatmeal into your face. #
  • I'm a little skeptical about the effectiveness of the switcheasy case, especially protection for the front glass. #
  • Koda and I are out for a walk. #
  • Unintended use of the exersaucer: a fort #
  • One of the girls in kyden's swim class is wearing just a swim diaper and no swimsuit. At what age does that become inappropriate? #
  • tried facetime earlier today and it was pretty cool. no extra setup of home network needed to work. fantastic! #iphone4 #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-12

  • oooh, warehouse 13 is back! #
  • It's not child abuse if he likes it, right? When Christi's away, I have very effective ways to contain Kyden. #
  • RT @TVGuide: So You Think You Can Dance's Alex Wong Injured – – wow could be anybody's chance to win if Alex is out. #
  • iphone4 is on its way. already have a temporary case, but really need to decide on my final case. any suggestions? #
  • Someone burned something pretty bad in the kitchen at work. The whole floor is starting to smell of smoke. #
  • no one at home answered the door when the fedex delivery guy tried to deliver my iphone4. sad. ๐Ÿ™ #
  • Just picked up the iPhone from the fedex sort facility. Line went out the door and into the parking lot. Total wait time: 50 minutes for me. #
  • Apparently I am the only one who can still put him in the exersaucer without him screaming bloody murder. #
  • I should know better than to grocery shop while hungry. #
  • koda is waiting patiently for kyden to drop some of his lunch. #
  • The cheap iPhone screen protector never adhered to my screen right. It peeled off yesterday and now I have naked glass exposed on the front. #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-05

  • ugh, after an hour of debugging, i found out why my code was running SO SLOW. to reward myself, i finally broke down & ordered an iphone 4. #
  • since @getuncommon custom iphone 4 cases aren't available yet, i had to get a cheap case for now. you know, for the phone i don't have yet. #
  • Kyden, Christi, and Koda are all sleeping right now. And what do I do? *sigh* gotta squeeze in some work before I go to work! #ThatsNotRight #
  • need propane. kid is sleeping upstairs and christi is out. how else does one cook tri-tip? #
  • i don't think i qualify to be an outlaw audio beta tester b/c my setup isn't fancy enough. i got an invite to be an exclusive tester, too! #
  • NSFW: iPhone 4 deleted scenes #
  • got my iphone 4 case in the mail. wish i could say the same about my iphone 4. #
  • Warehouse fire in San Jose is a couple of miles from our house. Hoping the wind keeps the smoke away from the house. #
  • Christi saved us $40 on a stroller. We had to go to San Bruno to get it…and I don't want to think about how much we spent saving that $40. #

iphone 3g + ios 4 + jailbreak + multitasking = sucks

having upgraded to iOS4 on my iphone 3g it has become painfully obvious why apply disabled multitasking on this device. the iphone became close to unusable after i installed iOS4 w/ multitasking enabled. performance of the device was awful and apps were prone to crash or worse lock up for a long time, make the phone unresponsive, and then finally crash.

the phone crashed on me numerous times. i’ve finally had enough of it and restored it back to the virgin unaltered state and tried again without the hacks. the device is much more responsive, but still feels a little slower than in 3.1.2. all you really get with iOS4 on the 3G is a unified mailbox and folders. that might be enough of an upgrade to try it out, but man, battery life also feels like it’s not quite as good. it could just be due to me using the phone for a more prolonged period, but i don’t think so.

one thing of note, for those who are trying to jailbreak with redsn0w. if you install iOS4 and then use redsn0w for windows 0.9.5b5-4, you will lose MMS. the fix for this is to jailbreak your device like this:
1) clean install of iOS4 via iTunes.
2) jailbreak w/ redsn0w 0.9.5b5-3 w/ Cydia installed
3) jailbreak w/ redsn0w 0.9.5b5-4 w/o Cydia installed

that being said, i don’t know if i would really hurry to upgrade to iOS4 if you are a jailbreaker. tons of jailbreak apps don’t work and i’m not convinced it is worth the hassle yet.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

  • RT @TVGuide: The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Split: – and they say that there aren't happy endings… =P #
  • not really surprised about this, but still, it's an end of an era. nabby is let go from the sharks. #
  • Just arrived at the tank for the select a seat for next season. I'm a little early. #
  • just got an email from work encouraging us to make it an Aloha Friday & to wear a Hawaiian shirt to work. every day isn't Aloha shirt day? #
  • ugh, left work badge at home today. this temp badge clashes with my aloha shirt. =P #