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i had breakfast this morning. i wasn’t planning on it, but for some reason i felt compelled to eat 4 pancakes and hash browns from nations. it was quite good, but now i’m very sleepy and very full. something tells me that i probably won’t be getting lunch today.

why is it that i always feel compelled to get the larger sized version of everything? i’m not very sure. it’s a better deal, though! that’s what i keep telling myself. sure. one of these days i’ll have some kind of self-control…really, i will.


story of life

preface: This is a fictionary tale about a fictional man and his fictional life. Any attempt to draw parallels of this tale to real life are not only useless, but without merit. I am not talking about you, me, or anybody else that we may know. It is simply a story about life. It is neither happy nor sad, just a tale of what life can be. Enjoy it if you wish or skip over it. I don’t mind either way.
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