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hakone gardens

hakone garden

i also went to hakone garden this weekend with ann, long, and michelle to check out the grounds. it wasn’t my first time there, but it was still nice. it was quite cold that day so we didn’t really stick around for very long.

thoughts on the s400

so after using the canon s400 for a while, i have a few thoughts. in fully automatic mode, this camera sure has a strong propensity to use its flash. it really doesn’t like low light environments at all. this is all to be expected.

i guess it’s a great snapshot camera. i’m now debating whether or not i REALLY want to keep it or not. it’s hard to decide. when i try to compare my pictures with the 10D…well, there really isn’t a comparison. but as a small snapshot camera, i still love it.

…and it says “CLICK” when it takes a picture. how cute is that?



what is the very first thing i do to my new bundle of joy, the canon s400? i record a new sound for the shutter. i absolutely HATE how the default shutter sound is this really cheesy sounding fake shutter. i mean, if your camera doesn’t have a real shutter sound, why put in a fake one? really? it’s a big pet peeve of mine.

and because it’s so obviously fake, i swore that if i ever got a camera that had a feature to let you record your own sound i would change it immediately. so, every time i take a picture now, the camera’s recorded sound for the shutter sound is a recording of me saying “click!”

i love it.