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son of a lesbian mother punished

when i had first heard about [url=]this story[/url] i couldn’t believe it. sometimes i forget that i live in a very liberal state where things like this are just absolutely absurd.

you know, i consider myself to be pretty conservative. when i think of liberals, i think of raving lunatics who want to legalize crack so that whoever abuses the stuff will end up killing themselves so we won’t have to deal with them…i forget that there are places outside of california that are so conservative.


banana republic didn’t honor the friends and family code online! what a sham! i guess too many “friends and families” were trying to redeem the code and they had to put a stop on it. kind of lame, if you ask me. oh well, no coat for me. i guess it’ll have to wait for some other day.

oh well, it was worth a shot.

house of prime rib

oh yeah, i forgot, after cirque, we went to the house of prime rib for dinner. we had reservations for the place, and though parking was a pain to find, we finally found a spot a few blocks from the restaurant and we were seated pretty promptly.

man, the service at the restaurant absolutely blows. it took forever to get our order in. my glass of water was empty most of the night, and we unfortunately got a waiter whose shift ended before our meal did, so we got a new waitress in the middle of our meal which added to the lack of service. very poorly done, if you ask me.

the salad was pretty good, though, i have to admit, i haven’t had a salad that good in a long, long time. the prime rib itself was pretty decent too, but what separates the house of prime rib from other places (aside from the fact that they only serve prime rib…oh and a fish plate) is that you used to get unlimited seconds on the prime rib. i say USED TO because that is no longer the case.

no, no more free unlimited seconds. in fact, the seconds that you get is this piddly little sliver of a slice of prime rib. our friend, brad, finished the second helping in seconds and was wanting more only to find out that their policy has changed!

no more unlimited seconds…

really tiny portions for your seconds…

i felt seriously gypped. grrrrr. the only reason why the place was good was because of this gimmick…now, they are just fall into the medicore steakhouses that sell prime rib. there’s nothing that spectacular about them to set them aside from other places.

oh, the pleasant surprise was their horseradish. it was extra super hot. i wasn’t expecting it to be so strong and i took a big bite of it and got a bigger-than-i-wanted surprise. this will probably be my last visit to the place for a long, long time.


i blame coach dennis erickson completely for the absolute disaster that happened today to the niners. i understand the idea of loyalty to your “star” player, but come on, we’re in this to win games, not be loyal losers!

i don’t think that i ever want to see garcia in a niners uniform again. why did it take 4 interceptions before erickson pulled out garcia? why? why take out your hot quarterback who has filled in remarkably? why pull out garcia after there’s no chance that rattay could do anything about it? why not leave garcia in and let go down with the sinking ship?

i hope that the coaching staff takes a very good look at the niners and decide to start rattay permanently.


technical rant

one of the things i’ve done in the past is reverse engineer existing apps, just to see how they work. some of the things i’ve come to realize is that even though something works well, it doesn’t mean that how it’s doing it is done well.

and go figure that the one day that i have off of work, i’m spending it in front of my computer programming. who would have thunk it?

so what am i doing? i’m trying to get pMachine up and running better. it has the best feature set for a blogging tool that i want, but the one thing that bothers me about it is that it is missing a few key features.

the thing that i’ve been working on today is the calendaring feature. it seems to have a rather robust calendaring feature, but they’ve been stripped away in the free version. now, i can understand this tactic to encourage users to pay for the full-featured version. i mean, a guy’s gotta earn a living, right? i have no problem with that.

what i do have a problem with is poorly written code. and it seems that there is some bad coding techniques employed in relatively good code. it reminds me of phpAdsNew and it’s ridiculous database design.

anyway, i’m done ranting because i’ve figured out how this works…i just don’t like how it’s done, though i understand why it was done the way that it was.