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an apple a day…

there is the old addage, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

though the basic idea behind this seems to be sound, i’ll have you know that i have a terribly throbbing headache right now. this, coincidentally, happened right after i ate an apple.

for those that know me, they know that i don’t like eating most fruits…so the idea of me eating an apple is probably quite shocking. but let’s believe for a moment that i would do such a thing and concentrate on what happened next.

i have a terrible headache that not even advil has been able to quell.


new toys

the new toys i ordered came in the mail today! after much debate, i finally got two things that i’ve been struggling about for a while now. the linksys wireless 802.11g router is a thing of beauty. i’ve had a little difficulty getting it set up, but most of it was due to my own braindead-ness. but once i got it up and running it was smooth sailing. i’ve heard about how you can hack this router because it’s running linux, so i’m anxious to start getting under the hood and seeing what i can do with it.

i’m currently typing this entry via the wonders of my new wireless router. though not as cute as [url=]dardy’s[/url] airport, i still like it just the same.

the other thing that came in the mail today was the canon s400. i’ve been debating whether or not to get this for so long, i never thought that i would actually get it. but after i opened the box, i fell in love with it. it’s so tiny, so portable, so sexy. i’m still trying to learn how to use it and i’ll look at the pictures in a little bit.

quite an exciting gadget day.

tea and crumpets?

yesterday i went to gina’s baby shower. this was my first baby shower and i don’t think that i will be going to too many of these. i was asked to go to the baby shower and help take pictures of the event. the baby shower was at the laurel court at the fairmont hotel. talk about fancy!

the restaurant was dimly lit and unfortunately i didn’t have very many options when it came to taking pictures in the low light. i decided to shoot in an all prime set up. i brought several lenses and i borrowed a few lenses from paul as well. this wa the first all-prime lens shoot i’ve ever done. it was sort of a pain switching from lens to lens, but it definitely gave me the speed that i needed to take pictures.

it was a lot of fun and it was nice to indulge in the finer things in life…and i can now say that i’ve had a crumpet before!