hard drive failure

so the hard drive in the gallery server has failed and with it goes all of the images in the image gallery as well as the image gallery code. it’s been a couple of weeks now and i have finally gotten over the tragedy that is the loss of the gallery code. (i, uhhh, didn’t have a backup. the code was SVN’d, though, but on the same server that everything died on)

so lesson learned. backups are critical. yes, yes, i know, and i’m now making better plans to safeguard myself from such a problem again. it’s sad, but these things must be done.

so i’m going to be re-inventing the wheel again and making a new image gallery. i think that i will really try to use as much open source stuff as i can instead of trying to make everything myself. i was really proud of my image resizing engine, but alas it’s gone.

with the new server, i’m going to also make a few changes around. i think that i am going to try to incorporate some kind of comment system again in the image gallery. right now i am also motivated enough to reprocess all of the photos and reupload them all. we’ll see how far i get before i lose steam, but i don’t want a site with no content on it again!

guitar hero world tour

i’m really disappointed with the selection of songs for guitar hero world tour. i have been playing through the game now (i suspect i’m about halfway through the set of songs) and so far there’s only been a handful of songs that i really like.

it’s not unusual that i wouldn’t recognize most of the songs in the game, but usually i end up liking most of them. i think that there have just been too many guitar hero games and all of the good songs have been taken.

gameplay is great though, i just wish that the game had more songs that i liked.


i’m not sure what made me do it, but i’ve started to rewatch felicity. the first season is actually pretty fantastic. actually, i do know what it was. i saw keri russel on a late night tv show, i think it was conan.

and so it begins. i’m not sure what it is that draws me to the show. is it that amy jo johnson is on the show? it might have been back then…i’m not sure, but i am semi-ashamed to admit that i watched amy jo johnson back when she was the pink power ranger on the mighty morphin’ power rangers.

so i’m semi-watching the show, though, while working away during the weekend. *sigh* it does give a small measure of comfort while toiling away late at night…

power outage

it looks like there was a sustained power outage at paul’s house and our servers have lost power. i don’t think that the UPS would really power the server for very long. the strange thing is that i thought that the computer was set to auto-power on after a power outage…so i’m a little worried that maybe something really bad has happened.

speaking of failed devices, the hard drive that i have all of my images is dying. the backup external hard drive that i had also failed! i just ordered another NAS and i am copying the data off the drive right now. i don’t know what is wrong, but reading data off the drive is RIDICULOUSLY slow. it’s been copying now for over 36 hours and i still don’t have all of the data off the drive. i think that there’s only around 100GB or so of data, so it shouldn’t take THAT long.

what annoys me is that there was this kind of catastrophic failure that happened simultaneously. ugh. it’s a good thing that i have recently re-thought out my backup strategy, but now i’m a little worried that i might not have enough redundancy. at what point do you say that you are really safe? the desktop used to be the primary file server with a USB external drive as a backup so i had two copies of all of my data. it looks like i am lucky this time and i will be able to salvage my data. the new plan was to have two copies of all of my data on two NASes, but i’m wondering now if a NAS is really that safe of an option. should i *GULP* burn DVDs?? that’s going to take forever…

i would do online backup, but i don’t want to pay for a service, and most online backup services have pretty small limits for their free services…hmmmm.

smoke detector

two of the smoke detectors in the house started beeping. it started with one last night and now another one started to beep. it got bad enough that i had to run to the store to buy replacement 9V batteries.

a quick trip later the smoke detector batteries were replaced and there is finally some peace and quiet in the house.

new wordpress

the new wordpress changes are fantastic. the UI for the admin features is just outstanding. it is what a proper blogging software tool should look like. still no word about when i will be getting the iphone. it looks like the discount probably won’t kick in until after the holiday season which is quite saddening. it makes me wonder, though, how life will change with an iphone.

these are my predictions:

  • blogging from the iphone
  • actual use of twitter
  • facebook status updates
  • lots of streaming music

    i guess life won’t really change that dramatically…