sharks vs. ducks

i went to the san jose sharks game last night. they played the anaheim mighty ducks. this also happened to be my first hockey game. i’m told that i’ve been spoiled watching this as my first hockey game because so many things happened during this game that most other games will seem boring in comparison.

i’ve never watched a hockey game in its entirety on tv before, mostly because i thought it was really boring, but watching it live was pretty cool. i didn’t understand all of the rules, but still, it was rather exciting. watching the game live gives you a much better appreciation for turnovers, defensive plays, and well-executed plays.

it was a high scoring game (4-1), there was a hat trick (one player scored 3 goals in one game), and a fight! how much more excitement can you ask for in a game?

surfacing for a moment

i’m currently outside the pizza joint that i’m supposed to meet up with other people to pick teams for volleyball the next season. i am STILL in jury duty and we got out a little early today so i hopped over to work to tie a few loose ends and then i did some last minute christmas shopping. after the team selection is done, i plan to go back and do some more christmas shopping. i can’t believe that it is coming up so quickly and i have virtually none of my xmas shopping done yet.


oh yeah, and to top it all off, my server died…again.

so i’ve been busy trying to restore my web space (i don’t have ANY of my pictures up yet), but i’ve got the blog up and i’ve also got a few of the other blogs up and running. every day that i come home, i’m exhausted, but i try and whittle away at the restoring the server and getting some real work done. i haven’t spend more than 8 hours in the office in the last week and a half. ugh.

anyway, sorry for the lack of posts, as soon as this trial is over and i get some inet access during the day, i’ve got lots of stories to tell.

onto other unrelated tasks…

cindy has “tagged” me to share 5 little known truths about me. this, surely, won’t be easy.

1) i actually enjoy eating healthy. that is, if eating healthy doesn’t mean that i don’t have to eat anything that doesn’t taste good. in the spirit of eating healthier, i have been drinking diet coke instead of normal soda to cut down on empty calories. i also can’t remember the last time i ate donuts besides over this weekend where i polished off half a box of powdered donuts. but i mean, come on! it’s powdered donuts that we’re talking about, yo!

2) as much as i adore ice cream (i routinely have at least 5 cartons of ice cream in my freezer), i am lactose intolerant.

3) i am probably one of the most productive workers, ever. i just don’t like working, so if i have to work, i try and get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. do not go shopping with me if you like to browse at everything, i probably will be done with all of my shopping by the time you are done with one store.

4) the last time i took a picture was almost two weeks ago. it used to be that i couldn’t go a day without taking a picture.

5) i have a new domain name. no one knows it yet, nothing is there but a placeholder, but i’m seriously considering switching to something that it more pronounceable.

ok, there you go, cindy. i’ve blogged. merry christmas.

server woes

looks like the server took a big dump for a whlie. hopefully it’ll be better now. there’s still a lot of data to restore, but for now, it looks like this’ll have to do. i haven’t restored all of my blog users just yet, but it’s slowly coming along.

on jury duty

i’m doing my civic duty and serving on jury duty all of this week and probably most of next week. it’s kind of exciting because this is my first time serving as a juror, but i am definitely dreading how much work will be piled up on me in the next two weeks.


i went to starbucks today and left my usual fake name, “josiah” with my drink order. they asked me to spell it out and so i did.

when my drink was made, they kept calling for “jason”. i didn’t think anything of it, but then i realized it was my drink order and i looked at the name on the cup and sure enough it was spelled right. i guess you can never get it right.

adblock and greasemonkey

i’ve been an avid firefox fan for quite a while now. i really enjoy the extensions support and i’m always finding new extensions that improve the quality of my life. the latest pair of extensions that has really revolutionized the way the web appears to be are AdBlock and Greasemonkey.

AdBlock is an extension that provides regular expression filtering of html content to filter out ads. it is simply marvelous. what’s even better is that there’s another extension that updates the adblock filtersets. the web has never been so ad-free before.

whatever adblock doesn’t catch, i use greasemonkey and an ad block script to catch pretty much everything else. it is amazing what the web looks like without ads. it’s also really suprising to see how ad space can play a crucial part of the design of a web site.

still, surfing the net without seeing ads is kind of neat. i don’t know why i never tried this before.

fantasy NBA update

i know, i know. you are just dying to know how i’m doing in my fantasy leagues.

in my head-to-head league, i’ve advanced up to be #1 in the league right now. it’s pretty exciting and pretty close, so we’ll see how the rest of the week goes. it looks like this might be a weak week for me, but we’ll see if my team pulls through. i have a tough match up.

in my rotissere league, i’m ranked in 3rd place and i’m not sure if i’ll be able to get out of this rut. i may have to make some pretty big roster changes, but i’m afraid it’ll weaken me up too much. i guess i’ll decide on that later.

these leagues are kind of fun. they used to take up a lot of time, but my rosters are pretty much set now and i’m pretty comfortable with how my team is set up. i guess it’s just making sure that the right players play on the right days now.


the office is FREEZING right now. i’m told that the heater broke, but what i really think it is is that the company is punishing me for breaking the dress code and coming in with jeans and t-shirts. i do have a jacket, but i feel weird wearing a thick jacket around in the office.

i had to interview someone today in this freezing conference room and he had joked about whether or not these were interrogation tactics used to perform the interview. =P

lunching with dardy and rita

dardy, rita, and i had lunch at the spice islands on sunday in mountain view. this singapore/malayasian food restaurant is one that i’ve always liked since i first tried it a little while ago. dardy told me that he hated the place because the food was awful, so i was a little nervous in trying it out, but it had a few good reviews so i thought it might be cool to check it out.

what i didn’t know was that mountain view plays host to a farmer’s market just down the block from the restaurant so parking was a little tricky. the food was good and it was good to be able to catch up a little with rita and dardy.

afterwards we went to tea era to pick some some roasted barley milk tea. it is probably my favorite pearl tea in the area and i often try to get it when i’m in the area. it seems that i used to be in the mountain view area a lot a while ago but nowadays i am barely ever in that part of town. oh well…

it used to be that when i would go and eat at places i would always have a favorite of mine and i would end up eating the same thing over and over again. going to sushi sams? i’ll have a spider roll, hamachi, and maguro, please. going to miyake? i’ll have the chicken teriyaki, tempura, and california roll bento box, please. i just had my favorites and stuck to them.

recently, i am finding that i enjoy trying out new places and new dishes. while at the spice islands, there was the normal noodle dish that i think i’ve always gotten, but i decided to try something else for variety. it was pretty good. sometimes it’s good for us to break out of our comfort zones, you never know what you might find.