more foster puppies?

we had a foster puppy for about a week or so before a family had adopted her away. in that short time we had really grown attached to the puppy. i was talking to john last night about it and he said the best way to get over the sadness of having a puppy be adopted away and missing her is to foster more puppies.

i wonder if this means that our house is just going to be a gateway of puppies forever. it sounds like we might be helping to rescue some puppies this weekend. it’ll require hours and hours of driving to some place that is just north of bakersfield! bakersfield! sheesh.

cowboys vs. packers

i went to watch the cowboys/packers game with dardy at st. john’s tonight. it was an entertaining game, the packers kept it close, but the cowboys really bested them. it’s too bad that favre got hurt early in the game, dardy left the game saying that it was a bit of an empty loss with some of the packers best guys out for the game.

that being said, aaron rogers did admirably for himself filling in for favre.

i got the beg for mercy cheesesteak and i didn’t think that it was that hot while i was eating it, but now, hours later, let me tell you. my stomach is gurgling and i am BEGGING FOR MERCY. please, please don’t let my stomach hurt anymore. i’m dying!

i’m gonna go curl up in a ball of pain now and moan quietly to myself in pain until it goes away.

things that make me happy

it’s sort of silly what sorts of things make me happy at 3AM in the morning. last night, i was going to link an image from the wedding gallery to the blog and it dawned on me that it would be really cool if the image loaded changes every time the blog is loaded. so…i sat down and wrote some code that will do just that.

it was at that moment late last night that i realized the true extent of my geekiness.

tough times, man.

posting pictures

i think that i am generally pretty conservative of the number of photos that i post, but when i went through our photographer’s photos for the wedding, i came up with about 15 pictures that i wanted to post. 15. out of 1500. that can’t be right.

it turns out that i don’t like posting pictures of myself and it being my wedding, it turns out that i’m in a lot of photos! go figure, huh?

but i’ve finally posted the wedding photos. i need to get them into a friendly format for the wedding web page, but for now, they are finally up. i’ve also updated the gallery pages a little. you can use the left and right arrow keys once you’ve clicked on an image to go next/previous.

how to make hot chocolate

…from a package.

just add hot water, right? that’s what it always says. i was making some hot chocolate just now and i usually add hot water to the powder in the cup. i never questioned this methodology. in fact, this is how i have been doing it for as long as i can remember.

the problem, if you can call it that, is that after drinking the hot chocolate, there will always be a layer of thick cocoa at the bottom of the cup. if the drink had been properly mixed, that sugary goodness would have been in my drink. instead, it lays waste at the bottom of the cup.

i never really thought much about how this could be avoided. it just sort of happens. so today, i decided to read the instructions on the back of the hot chocolate mix and, sure enough, it instructs you to add powder first, then water.

today, being the daring rebel that i am, i added the water first and the powder next. my theory is that this will create a better chance of the powder being fully integrated into the hot water. i just need to finish drinking this cup of cocoa to see if my hypothesis is correct.

this sounds like it should be a 1st grader’s science project.

ok…so i’ve finished my first cup of hot chocolate using the new mixing method and it seems like it worked out better. i can’t come to any conclusions yet because i’m sure a sample size of 1 is not statistically significant, but it sure seems like this is the way to go. the question is, why would the manufacturer want you to do it the other way then?

sourdough adventures

i’m about to make my first sourdough bread. it seems like it should be pretty easy to make bread, though i’ve never done it before. i looked up some recipes for sourdough bread and it seems simple enough, but then there’s this mysterious ingredient “sourdough starter”.

i looked up some recipes for sourdough starter and it turns out that the sourdough starter is much like a pet. it requires great care, feeding, and warmth. so i started the sourdough starter and it takes about 2 days to make the starter.

the initial ingredients have been mixed and i’m storing it in a warm place for the yeast to take hold and do its thing. 2 more days to go!

no tv, no gaming

i don’t know what it is, but there’s no tv on these days. it used to be that i would just barely be able to keep up with my tv, but these days, i’m scrounging around to find some tv to watch. it’s a struggle and yes, i know, it’s a hard life i have when the biggest problem i have is that i can’t find tv to watch. =P

i’ve hit a wall with guitar hero, too, which means that i don’t have any games to play, either. i’ve been playing some nintendo ds games, but i think that i’m starting to lose interest in those games. the problem with me and the ds is that i don’t have internet connectivity with it, so i can’t play with other people. i know, i know, that’s the strength of the platform, but i just can’t get myself to reduce my network encryption down to 64-bit wep.

i’ve been so desperate for tv that i watched an episode of brothers and sisters. the show is one that i thought i would like when it first aired, there are many people on the cast that i like, like calista flockhart, rob lowe, emily vancamp (amy on everwood), and ron rifkin (arvin sloane from alias). you’d think that i’d love the show, but i just can’t get into the story. it’s just boring. i don’t know how the show won an emmy or got that many nominations.

not hungry today

it’s weird. i went home to make some lunch and eat something, but by the time i got home, i wasn’t really that hungry. in fact, i just thought to myself that it’s weird that i haven’t had anything to eat all day today and i’m not famished. what is going on?

it wasn’t until JUST NOW that i realized that i had a donut today at work. it was glorious. i haven’t eaten a donut in ages. it’s hard for me to imagine that i used to eat two or three of those things every other day.

i have been having strange food cravings recently. i ate at gochi the other day, this japanese fusion restaurant in cupertino. i have always been pretty skeptical of any kind of fusion because, for me, it usually tastes like some americanized-[insert culture here] food. and when it comes to japanese food, i actually am a purist. i didn’t eat rolls of any kind until recently. so when i heard that we were going to gochi i was cautiously excited. people have described the food at gochi to be phenomenal. so i was a little excited to try it out, but at the same time, i was a little nervous because i haven’t had great japanese fusion food experiences.

let me tell you, gochi disappointed. some of the dishes were pretty tasty (i think that i would probably only eat from the deep fried menu items — which were FANTASTIC, by the way), but the rest of the dishes were not really my cup of tea. cheese casseroles in a japanese restaurant? a japanese pizza? ugh. i just stopped thinking it was japanese food and then it started to taste better. portions were on the smaller side, not awful, but not generous.

the waitresses there were pretty cute though and from what i could tell japanese. i still stand by the observation that only 5% of japanese girls are cute and 95% are UGLY, but the 5% that are cute are REALLY cute. japanese men, however, are all attractive. *ahem* =P

microwaving hot chocolate

it seems that i learned a valuable lesson table. if you try to microwave hot chocolate, keep a close eye on it.

i microwaved some hot chocolate and left it unattended for a minute. when i opened the microwave half of my hot chocolate had boiled over onto the floor of the microwave. it was a huge sticky mess.

the sad part is that now that most of my hot chocolate is gone, i am stuck with the difficult decision of whether or not to make another new cup or just suck it up and just drink water.

ahhh, these are the problems that one faces on a friday afternoon.

battlestar galactica: razor

i went to see the battlestar galactica razor premiere at santana row earlier this week. it was a cold evening and we went to see the 10PM showing. i was sort of expecting there to be mobs of people and the cinearts theatres are pretty small, so i wasn’t sure if i was going to be able to get seated or not.

it turns out that there were plenty of seats available (even though you needed to pre-register for the event and they would check your ID and name at the door to let you in).

instead of a stamp, they had a permanent red marker and they would draw a line on your hand to designate that you were allowed into the theater. i like to think that they choose the fat red marker because it looks like the cylon red eye, but i doubt that that was why it was chosen.

i was also hoping for some kind of giveaway, but alas there was nothing. how cool would it have been to have a poster hung up somewhere in the house when christi came home? it would have been funny.

anyway, i LOVED it. i don’t think that’s just the battlestar galactica withdrawal speaking, either. it’s supposed to air on the scifi network and later be released on DVD soon. if you haven’t seen it and are a fan of the show, definitely check it out.

the best scene in the movie was definitely the homage to the original series. there were some great laugh out loud moments (something that you don’t do much in the series) mixed in with some shocking, jaw dropping moments. drama, comedy, and action…what more could you ask for?