my ban on little cesar’s pizza lifted and banned again

i broke down. after months and months of banning little cesar’s pizza from my diet, i went and got some yesterday. i swore off little cesar’s because i got pretty sick after that. i’m not sure if it was the pizza or the puppies at the time, but to be on the safe side, i stopped eating there.

it’s not terribly good pizza anyway, so it’s not much of a heartbreak, but still.

but my stomach was certainly paying the price after eating it. i guess the lift on the ban was short lived. i’m banning little cesar’s again!

everything ps3-related came in

everything that i’ve ordered for the ps3 has finally come in. what started as a ps3 order turned into:

1) playstation 3 40GB spider man 3 special edition
2) nyko blu-wave remote
3) logitech cordless mediaboard pro bluetooth keyboard
4) d-link 7 port powered hub
5) nyko ps3 charge base 2
6) d-link 8 port ethernet switch
7) rock band

i actually just ordered burnout paradise which i hear is supposed to be amazing for the ps3. i really liked burnout 3 on the xbox so i’m looking forward to it.

i originally bought the switch because i figured that i would need to have my NAS localnet to the PS3 to stream HD content, but it looks like my wireless network is actually fast enough to play 720p xvid encoded files, so it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be necessary to have them localnet.

anyway, the ps3 is working great, i still have to figure out how to get the harmony remote to control the ps3, but once that’s done, i think i’ll be sitting pretty!

closet system came in!

that’s right, i came into the office to discover that the closet system i ordered has arrived! excellent! now it’s time to clear out the closet and figure out how to get this all to work. darn it! i just returned paul’s stud finder to him too! now i’m going to need to borrow it again…or find someone who has one…

the closet system is HEAVY. each box is 20 pounds…and i bought three boxes. and i’m going to have to lug them upstairs… still, it’ll be cool to finally be able to organize the closet. i guess this sort of incents me to do laundry and sift through all of the things in the closet that i’ve been trying to ignore for a while now. =P

more rumblings about the ps3

now that i’ve had a couple of nights to play with the ps3, i have a few new observations:
1) the 40 GB model only comes with 2 USB ports. rock band requires (up to 4) USB ports to play. one for each instrument. the rock band kit comes with a guitar, microphone, and a drum set. this means that out of the box, you cannot play rock band with more than two people with a 40GB ps3 unless you have a USB hub. luckily, i had bought a cheap unpowered USB hub years ago that seems to work just fine. i don’t think it’ll power the drums, but the mic and guitar work off it just fine.

2) a good blu-ray movie is stunning, but not all blu-ray movies are stunning. watched talladega nights (leslie bibb is ridiculously hawt in the movie, btw) and the quality of the video was a little grainy and gritty for me.

3) i hate that the ps3’s only media streaming method is via a UPnP media server that is DLNA capable.

4) divx/xvid video playback works great. there doesn’t appear to be any quick 30 second/10 minute skip forward or backward, though. that really sucks. i suspect it is because a streaming server is being used, but i’m not sure if that’s just because my streaming server doesn’t have that feature or if that’s the way the technology works. either way, i’m bummed because the solution i have right now is probably the solution that i’m going to end up using forever.

5) i really love the logitech mediaboard pro keyboard.

ps3 and d-link dns-323 nas

the ps3 came today and i eagerly hooked it up to try it out.

frustration upon frustration set in when i couldn’t get the ps3’s HDMI to work. my configuration is a little awkward though. i’m actually feeding the ps3’s HDMI connection to my outlaw receiver which only has DVI inputs. so i am currently using an HDMI => DVI cable for video and a toslink cable for audio. it turns out that the way that the outlaw stacks its video ports over different connection types. that is, the component 2 video input and the DVI input are shared. so if you want to use DVI 2, you cannot use component 2 for anything else. makes sense, i guess….but that means that you are limited in terms of how many component inputs you can use if you use both DVI inputs.

anyhow, i got that mess sorted out and it looks like all is working just fine now. the next problem was that the ps3 does not support samba shares. this means that trying to share a folder over the network (like a windows share) is not possible. instead, what the ps3 does support is a DLNA media server.
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prepping for the ps3

i know, i know. it seems like all i am talking about these days is the ps3…and i haven’t even gotten it yet! it was supposed to be shipped on saturday to the office, but for whatever reason, they didn’t even make a delivery attempt to the office. because the package was delivered by fedex: home delivery, i won’t get the package until tuesday because fedex: home delivery only runs tuesday-saturday. this was a little tidbit of information i wish i knew before i got all excited that the ps3 was coming today.

ho hum. now the day is going to be spent in disappointment.

finally getting a closet system

i’ve been talking about how i’ve been pretty unhappy with our master bedroom closet for some time now. i’ve also been talking about how i am going to install some kind of closet system in our master bedroom. one of the biggest things that has been holding me back is that the price of the fancy closet systems are ridiculous! we’re talking about thousands of dollars for some shelves, rods, and drawers.

our master closet is actually pretty spacious. i would say that it’s about 12’x10′ big. it doesn’t FEEL that big when i walk in it, but i have always felt that there has been a lot of wasted space in the closet. two of the walls have a rod that runs the length of the wall. one wall has two rods placed one above the other along the length of the wall.

i saw a sale on the rubbermaid configurations closet kit that had convinced me that it was finally time to order a system. i also ordered a tie/belt rack, so once all of those this stuff comes in, i’m going to clear out out master closet and install this new system. this is supposed to be a customizable system, so you can place the rods and shelves wherever you’d like. i’m pretty excited. we’ll see if all of this amounts to a more organized closet.

a ps3 purchase isn’t just the console

the problem with game consoles is that even after you buy the console, that doesn’t mean that you are done buying all of the other accessories needed for it.

the sony playstation 3 i ordered comes with:
1) 40GB console
2) 1 controller
3) spiderman 3 blu-ray disc (yay, my first one!)
4) A/V cable

the accessories that i think i absolutely need for the ps3 are:
1) another controller (maybe up to 2 more after that if there are good 4 player games). i’m actually going to see if i can get these controllers through some kind of sony promotional offer, though, instead of spending $50 a pop for each.
2) HDMI => DVI cable (i don’t have HDMI ports in my receiver)
3) TOSLINK to optical audio cable
4) rock band (because you know, once you’ve got a system that is rock band capable, you gotta get it)
5) nyko remote control + IR dongle

the accessories that i want and am going to get are:
1) bluetooth keyboard. i have decided to go with the logitech mediaboard pro keyboard. i know, a keyboard is probably not necessary, but i have to be able to play with linux on the ps3
2) controller charger
3) 7 port powered USB hub (yeah, 7 might be a little overkill, but i’ll be set)

after all is said and done, the ps3 sure costs a lot of money!

to ps3 or not to ps3

now that the blu-ray/hd dvd war is over, it’s time to settle down and get a blu-ray player. one of the compelling reasons why hd dvd was popular amongst the next gen format adopters is its significantly cheaper hardware costs. with players getting as cheap as $100, hd dvd hardware is certainly far more attractive than the $300-500 blu-ray units. in addition, the blu-ray players seem to have a lot of forward compatibility issues. because they were rushed to market, some players don’t seem to be upgradeable, while others suffer from some performance problems. ridiculous!

the one safe bet appears to be the sony playstation 3. it looks like one of the only future-proof players out on the market…it also happens to be a very good player as well.

so the big question is…if i were to get a playstation 3, what would i use it for?
1) blu-ray player
2) dvd player
3) media center
4) game console
5) linux box

some annoyances with the ps3 even before owning it:
1) it doesn’t have an IR port for the remote control. this requires you to purchase an add-on dongle to make it accept IR remotes (like a all-in-one harmony remote)
2) 40GB model only has 2 USB ports. one of those is already going to be taken for the remote IR dongle.
3) there’s no good wireless keyboard for the ps3 that incorporates the controller buttons
4) vibration in the controllers are gone…so no more rumble…they announced dual shock 3 controllers in japan, but none here in the states yet…

some things that i’m really looking forward to:
1) replacing my xbox media center with a device that is capable of playing HD videos. the poor original xbox just didn’t have the processing power to do 720p encoded video.
2) installing linux on the ps3. why? i’m not really sure, but it just seems really cool.
3) changing my netflix subscription to blu-ray and watching blu-ray movies. i’ve been craving some high def movie watching.
4) rock band. it’s the first game i’m going to get for the console. not sure what other games i would get after that, but this one seems like it is a no-brainer.

some things that i semi-regret now:
1) i probably should have gotten a receiver with HDMI ports. i didn’t think it’d be an issue really, but HDMI (when it works) really does make things a whole lot easier. i just ordered a toslink cable for audio and an HDMI=>DVI cable for the PS3 to my receiver.
2) i wish my tv wasn’t as high as it is. it’s gonna make playing time crisis a pain. (probably my second game for the ps3 =P)

knight rider

da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da

da da da da!

that’s right folks, the knight rider pilot was on tv over the weekend and we got to see what all the hubbub was all about. i don’t think that i’ve ever seen a two hour long ford commercial before, but wow, it really felt like that’s what it was.

i really, really wanted to love the show. i looooooooved the show back in the 80s and i could see myself getting all nostalgic. it wasn’t awful, but it just could have been so much better on so many levels. KITT was cool, but could have been cooler. mike was…kind of a putz.

and his friend…what is his loser friend’s name? i don’t even remember, but he looks like he’s going to be a mechanic or something. man, that side kick has got to go. he adds no value to the show…except for hostage potential. actually, it should be a running gag that he’s always held hostage. that would almost be funny.

oh well, i had such high expectations for knight rider. hopefully when the rest of the season is picked up and written in it’ll be cooler.

though KITT does look cool, does anyone else have a problem with the fact that he’s a mustang? and i hate, hate, hate the revised red stripes on the front. go back to the one cylon-esque stripe!