quickly pearl tea in fremont

i’m checking out quickly in fremont while waiting to have dinner with jimmy tonight. it turns out that they do have free internet access, but you have to ask them for the password. sort of annoying that they do that, but i’m browsing the web, so i can’t complain. i don’t think that i really enjoy the pearl tea here, though.

i think that i’m going to make snickerdoodles tonight. i had forgotten that a co-worker of mine is going to be leaving after tomorrow so i think that i’ll make some cookies to send her off. that means that tonight’s plans will RADICALLY change. i’ll have to make a stop at safeway to grab some key ingredients.

i woke up pretty early this morning and got into work around 7. i’ve been getting into work later and later lately so coming in early again felt good. i got a good chunk of work done because there were fewer distractions. i think that i may have to go back to that schedule full time.

i’m trying to figure out which cookies i should make next. i keep wanting to make a different kind of cookie, but i always end up making snickerdoodles because they are so tasty.

i really ought to make some kind of effort to expand my cookie horizons, though. this weekend is going to be an experiment in fondue and i need to get more variety.

speaking of fondue, if anyone knows any good oil broths for fondue, please send them my way.

jack johnson

jack johnson - in between dreams

i don’t usually swoon over men, but i make exception with jack johnson and his latest album in between dreams.

there is no combination of words
that i could put on the back of a postcard
no song that i could sing
but i could try for your heart

our dreams and they are made out of real things
like a shoe box of photographs
and sepia tone loving

love is the answer
at least for most of the questions in my heart
like “why are we here?”
and “where do we go?”
and “how come its so hard?”

its not always easy and sometimes life can be deceiving
i’ll tell you one thing it’s always better when we’re together

swoon me, jack.
mean it.

waffles for dinner

waffles for dinner

desperate times call for desperate measures. i was hungry after volleyball last night but i forgot to pick up something to eat on the way home. i had already showered and didn’t want to go out to get anything so i scrounged around the apartment to see what i had.

apparently i didn’t have much of anything. looks like i’m going to have to go grocery shopping. but this is what i ended up eating. i still cannot believe that there exists someone who lives in the united states who has never seen a waffle before. that amazes me to no end.

the villaware belgian waffle maker that i got from my sister as a christmas gift many years ago is the best waffle maker i’ve ever used. not only can you adjust how crispy you want your waffle, but it also has what they call a “waffle tone”. the waffle maker will start beeping once the waffle is ready. no longer do you have to keep checking to see if a little light has lit up to see if it is ready. it’ll just beep you. that is awesome.


i was doing some research about what it means to be part of the nisei, or japanese second generation. i had a disagreement with a team member about whether i was first or second generation japanese. i believed that i was second, but he claimed because i was the first to be born here in the states that i am actually first generation.

well, it turns out that the japanese call me second generation. so nisei it is. that doesn’t really make me feel any different, but hey, it’s all in the name. it’s sad to say that my japanese skills have really deteriorated over time. i think that i can just barely have a meaningful conversation with my mom about how hungry i am. kind of sad.

trying to catch up

wow, it’s been a long weekend for me. i took my birthday holiday off on my birthday and the company has a holiday on the 25th so the four day weekend gave me plenty of time to relax. i’d like to say that i lived up every moment of the weekend and filled it with exciting adventures, but that isn’t quite the case.

i spent thursday running errands. friday was spent in the city taking pictures. saturday was spent sleeping for the most part with much tv watching inbetween naps. i also rediscovered the joys of my webcam and chatting with people via the webcam. i had a very entertaining webchat. it’s an interesting medium, you have to exaggerate your actions to convey certain feelings. i fear that i’m pretty stoic so i’m not as entertaining of a webchatter as my friend. eventually i found myself too tired of sleep and so i ran a few errands and then went out to dinner with a friend.

dinner was good, it’s always nice to catch up with my friend, though our meetings are far and few between. i really do need to remedy that and i’m trying to make a bigger effort to keep in touch with friends. as more of us drift off and do our own separate things, when we do get the chance to meet up, it’s good fun. it was dinner and coffee afterwards. we had a little bit of trouble trying to find a pearl tea place (they all seemed to be closed!) but finally settled on a coffee house where we waxed philosophy and traded witty banter while sipping on tea and coffee. it was a fun evening.

i think i spent a good chunk of sunday programming. i know, one would think that when you have a vacation from work, you wouldn’t be doing work-like things, but recently i have had a bit of an obsession with trying to figure out how i want to deal with my website. every time i feel like the geek in me is starting to slip away, i manage to throw myself back in it. but, if anyone cares, i’ve finally figured out how i want to deal with the presentation layer of my site. =P

i then went and played volleyball with val on sunday. that was fun, though there weren’t too many people who came to play at the open gym, it was fun to play some volleyball. both my sunday and monday night leagues are off this week, so i needed to get some volleyball in. i think that i really need to work on my serves and start getting a more fierce serve in. not sure how to do that, but it’s something on my to do list.

later that evening i hung out at joycup, this pearl tea place in santa clara. it was pretty good, i might become a regular there.

back in san francisco

san francisco shooting

geoff and i went to the city on friday to take pictures. we went to alamo square, crissy field, fort point, the palace of the legion of honor, and irving street that day. the weather was simply gorgeous and it was a lot of fun going around and taking pictures.

i went a little pano crazy that day and shot a bunch of panos. i’m playing with this new software to make panoramas and so this was a test of the software to see if i want to use it or not.

back in san francisco
-the orange peels

it’s just no good to go back there crying
but don’t discourage me from trying
i must have been confused by shallow smiles and hollow hellos
back in san francisco

i was so lost but then you found me
i was surprised by all the stars around me
they’d look me over and said i remind them of someone they know
back in san francisco

i don’t want to go
oh you promised me you’d never leave
so you smile at me then deceive me


i took a drive, i was heading nowhere
down the peninsula to get some fresh air
to get a different feel to try to get away from you
i was ready to go

i was alone but then you saved me
until the last goodbye you waved me
i just naively thought you dropped on by to tell me hello
back in san francisco
i don’t want to go


you were my first, my last, my only
i’m here without you now it feels so lonely
i guess i wanted to try to fly out here all on my own
i was missing you so

i had to go it was important to me
i had to go because you saw right through me
i had to come back home because i left everything i know
back in san francisco


i really try not to be an overbearing, overprotective older brother, but seriously, when i see my sister’s IM away message as:

“If you were my homework, I’d be doing you right now.”

i cannot help but tear my hair out. why does she have to grow up? and what will it take for me to exterminate any boys within throwing distance from her?


finally finishing what i started

i’m not really that crazy about the current design of the main ocliw.com pages, but i am digging the technology used. for a long while i’ve been debating how to manage some of the front end issues for ocliw.com, in particular how i handle the CMS stuff for the site.

super duper geeky details of how i finally got to where i did after the jump. seriously, only consider going to see more if you REALLY care about PHP4 vs PHP5’s handling on XML parsing. it’s really that dull, otherwise.

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