i think one of my netflix movies got delivered to the wrong address because netflix just told me that they received a movie that i never got in the first place.

oh well, at least the people who did get the movie were nice enough to send it back instead of stealing it.

call of duty 2, quake 4, need for speed: most wanted

christmas time is nearing. you can tell because the big blockbuster titles are all coming out. i usually don’t play a lot of games, but i do play the games from time to time. when the big games come out, i think i get really into them for a few hours and then i become completely bored and uninterested.

i think i played one mission of call of duty 2. i think i played a few hours of quake 4. i’ve played a few races of need for speed: most wanted and i’m not quite bored yet, but i can see how i might get that way soon.

i guess that’s how i measure the holiday season.

rent, the soundtrack

i’ve been listening to the rent soundtrack from the movie that has been just released. i like the music of rent and i really want to see this movie. i have all of these scenes in my head and i wonder how close they are to the movie.

ever fantasize about how things might be only to find out that the reality of the situation is not nearly as romantic as you had thought? i think that many people often set low expectations for themselves so that they won’t be disappointed. i suppose that that is a safety mechanism of some sort, but i don’t want to live my life like that. i think that we should expect the best for ourselves each and every day.


volleyball tonight was pretty unsatisfying. i wasn’t hitting well, the team was kind of lazy and we were short two girls. we won all of our games, but we really resorted to some rather cheap tactics to win. i’m not proud of myself.

it seems like my monday night volleyball might be in jeopardy because citybeach isn’t coming back until june! i guess we’re going to investigate other nights and see if we can move elsewhere.

sometimes i wonder why i bother

sometimes i wonder what kind of friendship we really have.

why is it that we will never be able to hang out because of him? i mean, if he really is that jealous, wouldn’t he be jealous if we still kept in touch? what’s the point really? i get that he’s jealous, i get that he doesn’t like me, but if you are really trying to respect his feelings and move on with your life with him, why do you insist on keeping in touch with me on the sly? make up your mind, you can’t have it both ways. it just makes me feel like a friend of convenience.

i think it just annoys me that we could have had a cup of coffee or something. i could have met your man, he could have gotten to know me, and i could have at least done something to piss him off so that he can justifiably hate me instead of hating the idea of me. i’d be cool with that. but it does bother me that he hates me without even getting to know me. that’s pretty close-minded. i really dislike close-minded people.

oh well. it’s too bad that because he doesn’t like me and because you are unwilling to talk some sense into him that we’ll never be able to hang out.

that’s a bummer, dude.

totally forgot

i totally forgot that there was a year where i was not at home for thanksgiving. it was the year that i decided to go road tripping around the country. i ended up having thanksgiving dinner at my friend’s parent’s place. it was pretty good food and very casual.

i think that i really like the coziness of thanksgiving dinners. actually, i think that i like small, cozy meals enjoyed by good friends. i think that when conversation flows easily from one topic to another and good food is flowing is when you know that you have had a good meal.

i’ve been cooking a lot lately. i made a cheese fondue, an oil-based and a wine-based fondue, and a dessert fondue on friday. sunday i made fish masala and chicken korma for dinner. i’ve never really made indian food before, so that was kind of fun.

maybe i’ll cook more this week, too. i just need to find people who will eat.

oh no, more turkey

every year for thanksgiving, i insist that we get a 20+ pound turkey. my family consists of 5 people, so that means that each of us is responsible for scarfing down 4+ pounds of turkey every year. two of my family members are barely 5 feet tall. this makes eating all of this turkey a challenge.

this year is no different. i took home about 4 pounds of turkey leftovers and i’ve been eating them for every meal. let me tell you, i’m getting sick of turkey.

i think that i’m going to make dinner tomorrow night and i may incorporate some turkey leftovers in my dinner menu. i am going to have to get creative, though, there can only be so much turkey fried rice before i get sick of it…

please secure your networks!

hi, people.

i am writing you to ask you for those of you who are running wireless networks to please, please secure your networks. take the 5 minutes that it takes to change the password on your router and please use some kind of security to secure your network.

i have been stealing the bandwidth of one of my neighbors and i feel really bad doing it. but please don’t complain that you don’t have any bandwidth left, you’re just giving it away!

but hey, thanks for all the downloads!

your friendly neighborhood security person,

thanksgiving memories

thanksgiving used to be these huge celebrations with family and friends. we would all gather together at my grandparent’s place. we would feast on a huge dinner and then watch tv as we drifted to sleep from the food-induced coma.

one thanksgiving we decided to bbq a turkey. it was quite an ambitious effort and the turkey barely fit in our bbq.

this year i went home to feast on another thanksgiving dinner. the whole family was there and dinner was good. we took some pictures and as i was leaving my sister was going to visit my brother’s new apartment.

it turned out that the car battery was dead and we had to jump the car to get it started. a little bit of excitement ensued, but we finally got the car started.

the things you said

i heard it from a friend
about the things you said

sometimes i wonder why it is that we would get so caught up in what other people say or do. why is it that they have such an impact on our lives? why can’t we just let the irrelevant go and enjoy the present?

it seems like recently some people i know have been going through some tough times. i hope that through their struggles they know that they have an excellent support system around them. use your friends, that’s part of what they are there for.