cubicle reconfiguration

i just got a notice that the cubes in my row are going to be reconfigured. i don’t know what that means, but i’m fairly certain that means that my cube is going to get smaller. this makes me sad. i don’t want my cube to get smaller. i LIKE the fact that it’s huge. i need to spread out all of my stuff and make it look like i’m using more of it.



i don’t think that i am a very superstitious person. in fact, in the past, i’ve mocked those who believe in superstition. but lately, i have found that everything seems to have been picking up lately. the days seem sunnier, the birds seem to be singing happy songs, and life just doesn’t seem like the roller coaster that it once used to be.

with all of that, i think i’ve been reluctant to write about what my days have been looking like in fear that actually acknowledging how good things have been recently might tip the balance of things back.

but i’ve given up and i’m just going to say that where once things seemed gray and blue now it seems vibrant and alive again.

i’ve been trying to get back into taking pictures again. i haven’t had the opportunity to go and take any good pictures, so i think that i’m going to make it a point to try and do that soon.

a creature of habit

for the most part i think that i’m a creature of habit. i made this realization today while trying to order lunch at this local thai restaurant. they had a variety of lunch specials and instead of branching out and trying something new, i went with the tried and true meal and quite possibly my favorite thai dish: panang curry.

i don’t know why i like this curry so much, but if i find myself at a thai restaurant, i will inevitably order it.

it makes me wonder what other sorts of things i have come to always do without really thinking about it. i always put my right contact in before my left, i always dry my face before any other part of my body after getting out of the shower, and i always hit the snooze button on the alarm before turning it off…even if i don’t snooze a little while after the alarm is off.

i think that there probably is some sense of comfort in a routine, but sometimes you need to shake things up. starting next week, i’m going to try and do something new every day.

it’s getting cold in here

i never like the change of the weather when it starts to get cold. gone will be the days where one can walk around in shorts and a t-shirt. gone are the days when i can walk without an umbrella fearing the rain that will come and melt me away.

a ex-co-worker of mine told me once that i am not so sweet that i will melt if it rains to which i asked her, “are you sure? i’m pretty sweet.”

but it looks like the gloomy days are here again and the rain will come down upon us all. it’s been getting cold and with the change in the weather, it looks like i’ll have to dig out some of my warmer clothes. i think that i need to do some shopping and find some warm clothes as well.

and to top it all off, daylight savings is coming again this weekend. don’t forget to fall back an hour on sunday!

dim sum

dardy, jen, leeya, paul and i went to eat dim sum at dynasty in campbell a few sundays ago. wow, i just realized that everyone who attended dim sum has blogs.

today was the first time that i’ve heard dardy speak chinese. for some reason in my head i always assumed that his chinese was not very good, but it sounded perfectly normal to me.

dim sum was good and it was good to catch up with some people that i haven’t caught up with in a while. i think that dim sum is a very social kind of meal. you can talk about what foods you like or dislike and all have a shared experience. i think part of what makes dim sum feel more social to me than other meals is that you are encouraged to talk about things you want and that spills over to other types of conversation.

one of the things i like about eating out is that it is more of a social experience. i think that if i only went to eat out just to eat then i wouldn’t really find the food as enjoyable. speaking of which, i’ve noticed lately that i tend to eat things that i can’t or don’t usually cook for myself. i usually don’t order things that i know how to cook, it just seems like normal home cooking.

poker night

last night i invited a bunch of people to come over for poker and mroe than a bunch of people showed up. it was actually rather crazy. people who didn’t respond, people who were maybes, everyone who could have showed up. it was pretty cool to be able to see everyone again. there wasn’t much poker play, but it was fun and we had a good time just hanging out.

one of the things that i wondered about last night was when the last time all of us were able to hang out like this before. it has been a long time, longer than i can remember. it was fun and nice to have everyone around again, though.

volleyball, week 2

yesterday was week two at city beach. we were coming off a 4 game loss last week so this week was our chance to redeem ourselves. the first team that we played against was a pretty new team to the sport and they had a lot of difficulty playing. i feel bad for these teams because it must be disheartening to play week after week losing every single game.

the second team we played was a better team and the games were close. i didn’t eat much for lunch and i was really running out of steam in the first match. i started to feel light headed towards the end of the match and let three consecutive balls sail over my head and land into the court. i knew that they were in, but i just couldn’t do anything about it.

we were starting to lose our lead and the game was getting really close. the setter had motioned for me to hit a 10 and i wasn’t sure if i had the energy to do it.

it was sheer will that was keeping me standing and now he wanted me to run, jump 5 feet, hit a ball, and rush back to my defensive position?! i knew that if i didn’t win the point, i’d have to endure more torture.

so when the ball came to me, i ran, jumped, and hit the ball as hard as i could and miraculously it landed in the opponent’s court. the game was won and we could finally all rest.

the next match, i was still rather exhausted. i didn’t know how i was going to survive another 20 points. the game wore on and i got my second wind. we managed to win the second game and as soon as it was over, i headed to my car.

i ordered pizza on the way home and it was delicious. i stopped after eating half a large, not because i wasn’t still hungry, but because i have found that when i eat more than half a large pizza i usually start to feel ill.

i tried to fall asleep early last night, but something had prevented me from finding the slumber that i yearned so much more. instead, i ended up watching tv until i finally fell asleep.

bugzilla message

one of the ways that i know what work to do is to check our bug tracking program, bugzilla. it’s a pretty common piece of software used to submit bugs that then tells developers to do work.

after i push a button in bugzilla, i get a brief message saying “Bugzilla is pondering your query…”

i’m waiting for the day that i get the message, “After pondering your message, Bugzilla has decided to ignore you. Please try again.”

i like software with personality.

motorola T721

i hate this device more than you can ever know. i hate it because it is ugly. i hate it because it is old. i hate it because there is just nothing that i can like about it.

it is because of its insanely TINY buffer size for WML content rendering that i spent a good part of the day trying to figure out why my pages won’t render.