sensitive stomach

it’s true. i have a sensitive stomach. i don’t generally like things that are spicy to begin with, but every so often there are some things that i just love spicy. salsa is one of them. st. john’s has a beg for mercy burger which is pretty good too. i enjoy eating the spicy foods when i do eat them, but man, i suffer the next day.

yesterday i had (against my better judgment) a jalapeno burger from carl’s jr. it was delicious, but man, when i woke up this morning i was in pain! my stomach was reeling and for a short while i was cursing myself for indulging in the burger.

my cookies are not ugly

i made chocolate chip cookies the other day and christi made oatmeal cranberry cookies. hers had a more crumbly texture, were uniformly shaped, and was more healthy than mine. when she went to volleyball, she took some of my cookies and said, “i don’t want those ugly ones” pointing to some of the more irregular cookies i had made.

but my cookies aren’t ugly! they are made that way be design. i like my cookies to be a big chunk of cookie. i like that they are irregular, it gives them character. sure, i could have made an effort of make them look more uniform and pretty, but part of why i like making cookies is that they are different from store bought cookies. they just feel like they have personality.

just out of the oven, they were fantastic. crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. i think that i am going to have to make more cookies as this batch is disappearing quickly.

no sleep for the puppy-enabled

we brought in a puppy into the house. he will be staying with us for a couple of days until his foster is ready to take care of him. this puppy is still itty bitty and cute, but i am not fooled by his cuteness. i know that lurking under that adorable face is the mark of a huge dog. his paws are enormous and his growl is deep and menacing…you know, as menacing as it can be for a pup that size.

ps3 firmware 2.60

i just installed the latest ps3 2.60 firmware. though the biggest feature touted in this firmware release appears to be a photo gallery application, what makes the biggest impact in my life is the added support of DiVX 3.11. i didn’t realize that the various versions of DiVX weren’t downward compatible, but this explains why some of the older videos weren’t playing on the ps3.

windows vista – right click -> new

i must be totally suffering from a brain dead moment right now because i have been really struggling with finding a tool that will help me remove some of these template files when you right click the desktop and click new. i don’t want to create any new files besides txt files via this menu.

when you install programs, they sometimes will add new templates to this menu. the only way i know how to remove these files is to edit the registry, but there’s got to be an easier way.

in windows XP, the tweakui tool made by microsoft performed this function. i’m disappointed that there haven’t been similar tools ported over to vista.

dinner tonight

so the big question for the day is what to do about dinner? christi is going out of town today so that means that i have to fend for myself. i could:
1) make steak and eat it too!
2) make steak and have other people eat it too!
3) order a large pizza
4) order 3 medium pizzas
5) find someone to go eat dinner out

i just don’t know what to do! my default choice in these situations is usually to eat pizza alone, but christi encouraged me to have a steak night instead because she thinks that steak is healthier than pizza. i’m not too sure about that, but i’m starting to feel a little lazy now, so i don’t know what to do.

what i DO know is that yesterday’s lunch at jersey joe’s was SO GOOD that i went there again today!

diet coke stash running low

my supply of diet coke is running low at work. i think that i have maybe a can or two left in the refrigerator. what this means is that i will have to find a cheap supply of diet coke soon. i’ve been looking and the cost of diet coke is hovering around $4 a pack of 12. nowhere near the $3 mark that i usually buy at. out of desperation, i may have to give in and buy a pack…or…stop drinking diet coke!

i’ve been drinking a lot more water at work to make my stash last longer, but there’s only so much of that that you can do…

your first real cheesestake is like your first great kiss

this is the tag line at jersey joe’s, home of the BEST cheesesteaks i’ve ever eaten. if you ever find yourself up in the san carlos area, you must go eat at jersey joe’s. they are located in an unassuming little strip mall where it would be easy to miss this little gem.

they have tvs on every corner of the building and the food is to die for. it’s a little expensive at about $8 a cheesesteak, but man, they are HUGE and fantastic. it doesn’t quite evoke the same feelings as that first great kiss…it’s better.

i had the mushroom cheesesteak sandwich and garlic fries and i’m still swooning a little from the glory of the meal. i’ve never had a burger, but i’m curious to see how the chicken cheesesteaks stand up to the normal ones. ah, it was fantastic.

go, eat, and enjoy.