more fantasy madness

i had thought that the management of my fantasy nba teams wouldn’t be that hard now that i figured that my roster has pretty much been settled.  as it turns out, i’ve had some underperformers and there have been some free agents that have really been doing well so i decided to mix up my line up.

team 1 didn’t get much of a change, but i’ve dropped TJ ford and picked up delonte west.  this makes management of this team a little more confusing because i have both delonte west AND david west on my roster for this team.  they are both D. West, so i have to look at their position to see who is who.  i am really, really reluctant to drop peja stojakovic, but he has been having a really crummy season since he has hurt himself and he’s only mediocre now.  i’m going to keep him in my roster for now, but if he doesn’t shape up soon, i may have to get rid of him.  kobe has been performing well as has jason richardson.

team 2 got a huge makeover.  i dropped grant hill who has been completely useless to me since i picked him up for turkoglu, but i got turkoglu back.  okafor has been hurt and hasn’t been playing much and it looks like he’s going to be hurt for a while, so i needed a new center.  enter chris karman…i know…a clipper…on my team.  who would have thunk it?  i had TJ ford on this team too and picked up delonte west for him…again.  at least i’m consistent.  and finally nenad krstic whose name i thought was cool really wasn’t doing much for me, so i decided to find another center and so chris mihm is filling out his shoes.  iverson has been doing for this team, richard hamilton has been doing decent, but not as well as i was hoping.  baron davis is also on this team, but i’m really hoping it is alonzo mourning who will really step up and grab some more boards.  his blocking is just crazy, though.

anyway, i’m struggling in my leagues, i can’t seem to make the top spot, always trailing close behind at second.  hopefully these changes will make a difference.

frustrated or pissed?

we were having a conversation the other day about which was better: being frustrated or pissed?

the example i used was in playing volleyball.  is it better to lose and be frustrated because your team’s play was just so much worse than its potential OR is it better to lose and be pissed because your team got killed by another team who is just better than your own?

the consensus seemed to be that it is better to be pissed than frustrated because if you are pissed that means that your team had the potential to play better and maybe win the games whereas being frustrated means that your team just didn’t end up playing well because they just couldn’t.

i guess it really boils down to whether or not you’ve played to your potential.  i think that so long as you’ve tried your best, then you can’t really ask for much more.  but if you aren’t playing hard or you just aren’t playing well, you realize that you are capable of more, but just aren’t doing it.

getting the newspaper

yesterday while getting dinner, i decided to go get a newspaper from the newspaper machine.  i jiggled the door before putting money in there and heard the sound of a few coins falling.  i checked the coin return slot and sure enough there were two quarters there.

so i reinserted them in the machine, got my paper, and jiggled on the door.  another quarter came out.  i jiggled some more, but nothing else came out, so i put the single quarter back in there and left.

so i got a free paper and whoever goes there next will have half their paper paid for too.


i’m setting up a linux box right now and this will be the first time that i’ve set up a box and updated it with some kind of automatic updating program. i’m using yum and it’s pretty slick. not very exciting to look at, but it seems to do the job well enough. i’m on update 77 out of 223 to go. the one thing i like about it is that it runs without much user intervention.

i guess we’ll see how well it works when it finishes and i try to boot the machine.

update: it’s now updating/installing 441 packages! looks like it is working well so far. maybe all this convenience installer stuff is good afterall.

being a ref

for all of my volleyball nights we have to ref games when we aren’t playing. there are three types of refs for a volleyball game: an up ref, a down ref, and a line ref. most people like to be a line ref because there is little that you have to do except call whether balls are inside or outside of the court.

i generally find that i have to up ref games because the people on my team do not enjoy or do not want to do it because they feel it is stressful. yesterday, i was a line ref and i found that job to be more stressful than being an up ref because you really have to pay attention to where the ball lands. sometimes the ball is coming at you really fast.

and people on both teams are staring at you for your call which really adds to the pressure. i think that i might enjoy being an up ref more than being a line ref. a down ref is kind of boring, i figure if you are going to get stuck doing ref duties, you might as well be an up ref.

but don’t tell me teammates that. i want them to ref so i can just sit around and watch the games.

too much fried food

i went to king eggroll today for lunch.  i thought that things were going along swimmingly when i ordered one of their preset lunches.  i wasn’t anticipating on feeling so sick after eating that much fried food, though.

fried egg rolls, fried rice, fried won tons, and before lunch i had a donut.

ugh, my stomach is not happy with me.

what wonderful timing

it was a struggle this morning to lug myself out of bed.  it seemed to defy reason why anyone would want to leave the the warm and comforting comforter that lay on top of me.  i mean, that’s why they call it “comforters”, right?  it’s supposed to keep you comfortable.  why would you want to leave that?

but alas, some guilt about going into work made me get out and be good.  so i got up and got ready to go to work.  i remembered that i had to interview someone this morning, so i was walking into the office preparing myself to interview.

what i was not expecting was to be rushed by a bunch of people asking me if i wanted to start the interview because my boss was having some car troubles.  so i started the interview as soon as i walked in, unprepared.  oops.  oh well, i’ve interviewed enough people so it was fine.

i guess it was a good thing that i dragged myself out of bed this morning.

a long weekend

unlike pretty much everyone else i know, i had martin luther king, jr. day off today.  it’s my first official company holiday.  yay.

thanh and i hung out today to catch up since we haven’t seen each other in such a long time.  we got caught up with what’s been going on in each other’s lives and it was nice to be able to just chill.

i took paddy in to the vet today for a check up.  it seems that paddy is doing much better and has grown quite a bit since i last saw her.  she apparently gained 10 ounces in a week!  my sister’s dog is quickly growing up to her full potential of…4 pounds?  =P

also of note this weekend, i went running.  now, now, before you start laughing uncontrollably, let me repeat myself so that you do not feel like you’ve misread my previous statement.  i went running over the weekend.  yup, that’s right.  running.  me.  this weekend.

i went running for the longest distance i’ve ever run in my life.  that would seem like a rather impressive statement, but i’ve never actually run any farther than a mile (stupid middle school P.E.!!) so imagine my surprise when i found myself running this weekend.

i ran for a total of 1.7 miles, the distance from my apartment to a nearby starbucks.  christi got some coffee, i was coughing up a lung.  we walked the distance back to the apartment in the cool night air.  it wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be, but it certainly wasn’t as enjoyable as i thought it’d be either.  well, let me not kid myself, i never thought it would be enjoyable.

what a weekend.


it is rare that my work account ever gets spam.  i very rarely ever give my work email address out to anyone and it isn’t a generic address (i.e. it isn’t something like so how i get spam is beyond me.

but i swear, if i ever win the UK lottery again, get contacted by some nigerian lawyer who is executing his client’s will that i happened to be a beneficiary of, or am ever offered another free ringtone, i don’t know what i could possibly do to count my lucky stars.

oh well, at least my inbox isn’t lonely anymore.