met up with cindy

i haven’t quite left yet, but i have some free time so i thought that i’d write one more blog before my week without technology. well, not really without technology, i’m actually bringing quite a bit of technology with me on my vacation. boys and their toys, you know?

christi and i met up with cindy and diana at fantasia in santana row. my correspondence with cindy is mostly in written form so it was good to be able to see her and hang out for a little bit. our schedules are such that i was unable to make it to dinner and the 18 mighty mountain warriors show that they are going to tonight. i would have gone to dinner if it was local, but i couldn’t go to the city AND get all of our errands done before our trip.

but anyway it was good to see her. we had our laughs and it was good fun. i should have brought my laptop with me so that we could have a blog event. oh well.

off to hawaii

i’m going to hawaii for 9 days. probably won’t have internet access, but i hopefully will have lots of stories and photos to share.

christi and i are going to be meeting up with ben and sonya and hanging out with them for a little bit. that should be pretty fun. when i come back, i ought to be scuba certified. that’s going to be pretty cool, i wonder where i’ll dive next.

the joy of writing good code

if you aren’t a programmer, you aren’t going to get it. i accept that, and you should too. it’s like a good can of spam, if you’ve never had it before, just trust me, it’s really good despite what you may think.

so anyway, i wrote some good code that i’m particularly proud of because now the changes are SO MUCH EASIER. it’s like setting up stuff so everything just works automagically.

automagically. i love that word.

what i really need…

…is a designer’s touch. i’ve been fiddling around with my gallery templates trying to get that nice, clean feeling. i redid the gallery for the individual image view. i think it’s getting better, but it still lacks a little something.

i wish i were more artistic. then things like this wouldn’t take me sooooo long.

interviewing people

i get to interview someone today and someone else tomorrow. my boss is out of town, so i have to cover all the bases during the interview. it’s been a while since i’ve interviewed someone, so i had to brush off the interview question cobwebs. my boss wants me to ask a question that i hate to ask, but i’m gonna do it anyway.

the question is: if you had to be an animal, but animal would you be and why?

a friend you cannot see?

what do you think about a person who you are friends with, but due to external factors you can’t hang out with them because they have an unreasonably jealous boyfriend? before the boyfriend you are friends, but alas, now that the boyfriend is in the picture, you can’t hang out with them…unless, of course, you see this friend when the boyfriend is away or busy. how does that make you feel?

for me, i guess i have no real expectations for this friend. i think that if they have prioritized the boyfriend over ever hanging out with me, then it smarts, but fine, i get it. i guess we’ll just have a simple and lighthearted friendship.

father’s day antics

sis: do you know what mom told me?!
me: what?
sis: she said, “you know why you are going to that hospital, right? it’s not because you are working there, but because you are going to find some doctor to marry you. ha ha ha.”
me: she said that?!
sis: yeah, can you believe it?!
me: hahaha. i know, you should marry at least a surgeon!
sis: *blink, blink*

inadvertent volleyball tournament

i went to watch some friends play volleyball at the latest sf-aim volleyball tournament over the weekend when one of the guys got called back to work because he had to save the company from a deadly worm that was ravaging the company. no, not a sci-fi monster worm from the dark, but an internet worm that was running through their network.

so i subbed for him and played a little volleyball this weekend. it was fun, and we got past the first round of playoffs, but got eliminated after that. so much for a run, huh?

ice cream…

after my doctor’s visit yesterday, she recommended that i stay off any dairy products for a little while until i get better. it is, of course, right after someone tells me that i cannot have milk that i have insatiable cravings of ice cream and pearl tea.

last night everyone else had ice cream after dinner and they asked me if i wanted some. some knew of my insane appetite for ice cream and were surprised when i turned them down. they were trying to convince me to want some. of course i wanted some, i just couldn’t have any. i hope all of my stomach troubles go away soon. i’m gonna have a ben and jerry’s vermonster. 20 scoops of ice cream joy. i just need another couple of people to share it with me. any takers?

i was looking at the ben and jerrys flavors and these are the flavors i would want in my 20 scoop sundae:

american pie
chocolate chip cookie dough
chocolate fudge brownie
chocolate peanut butter swirl
chocolate therapy
coffee coffee buzzbuzzbuzz
dublin mudslide
mint chocolate chunk
new york super fudge chunk
oatmeal cookie chunk
peanut butter cup
phish food
strawberry cheesecake
sweet cream & cookies
triple caramel chunk
turtle soup
vanilla heath bar crunch