bombing the house

i just bombed the house because we have been having a rash of spider sightings lately. not a night has gone by where we haven’t seen a spider, so it was time to do something about it.

we got the fogger started and went out to dinner. and all of places we went to have PIZZA for dinner. christi got a small artichoke hearts, chicken, and no cheese pizza. i got a large mushroom and pepperoni pizza. mmm. we each ate half a pizza. i was telling her that half a small pizza is like one quarter of a large pizza. she didn’t believe me and i did the math and she still didn’t believe me.


lack of new tv

it’s been a real drought of good tv shows lately. with all of the season finales that have come to pass, there aren’t too many shows left that i look forward to.

now that i have to find new ways to entertain myself, i have been catching up on tv shows that i have been meaning to watch. i am about halfway through with smallville season 6. i cannot believe that lex and lana are an item. i know this is old news to probably everyone else, but man, that really bothers me.

freezer space rationing

my parents had to get their house fumigated for termites so all the food in their house had to go. my mom gave me the contents of her freezer and so i had to make room in our freezer for all of this newly found food.

a week or so later, christi’s grandmother made her all these rice cakes for her, her brother, and her dad. all of these needed to fit in the freezer too. our freezer has never been more full.

it is so full, in fact, that when i open the freezer door, the two drawers are stuck together, so i have to pry them apart to get to the contents of the lower bin.

this has had a detrimental effect to my ice cream supply. i was running low on ice cream and now i can’t stock up on any until some of this freezer space is cleared out. i’m down to half a carton of ice cream now. it’s ridiculous. i need to go make some room and buy another 5 or 6 cartons as soon as i can.

speaking of running low, the office has run out of diet coke and so i am now forced to drink caffeine free diet coke. it just doesn’t taste right.

twitter celebrities

it seems pretty obvious to me that celebrity status actually makes a big difference in my level of interest of what you have to say when it comes to twitter. i don’t know very many people in real life who tweet, so the bulk of the people i follow are celebrities of some sort.

like, is it really interesting that someone is going to take their first nap in years? it doesn’t seem that interesting. but when @brookeburke tells you that she’s about to take a nap, it somehow is just fascinating. i don’t get it myself, but that’s how it is.

is it a little pathetic that i got excited that @lisaloeb4real is following me? they played lisa loeb while i was at lowe’s today. speaking of lowe’s, i went to the customer service center and asked if they could print a registry for me. they said that they don’t do registries and so i asked if she meant that they can’t print them online. no, they don’t do registries, she says. so i tell her that that’s weird because i made one online and i was just looking at it the other day. she asked someone else about it and they printed up the registry for me. she was nice about it and apologized for the confusion.

recently with the iphone

in my spare time, i am always trying to find ways to grow my iphone addiction. =P

probably my favorite game of the moment is flight control. what’s crazy about this game is that the object of the game is incredibly simple: safely land planes. i don’t know why this game is so addicting but it is great fun.

another game, an oldie, but goodie that i have just discovered is peggle. a pretty fun game, though it is a little disappointing that the features of the hardware weren’t exploited further.

the best app, though, that i’ve seen so far is orb live. absolutely fantastic if you have a home server that is connected to the internet and you want to make your video accessible to your iphone. originally i was going to try tversity, but from what i understand, it needs to transcode all of the content before it can be sent to the iphone and that it just too time consuming for me.

orb, on the other hand, will let you stream your video on the fly. you have to install a server component and the iphone client costs a whopping $10, but the technology works great over wifi and is usable over 3G. if you want to stream your content from a media server, orb is a great and easy solution.

koda’s newest trick

christi has been encouraging koda to learn a new trick. this trick, however, is pretty disturbing. christi hates spiders and she has been encouraging eating to “go get them”. in his world that means to go eat them. after he has eaten the spider christi praises him and cheers him on.

when i saw koda do this, i told him to go give christi kiss and spread all the leftover spider legs over her. yuck! not quite the trick that i would have wanted koda to learn!

the slanted door

in what can only be described as highly unusual for us, christi and i went into the city last night and dined at the slanted door. i was telling christi that jenny and i went and ate at the ferry building before and i think that the slanted door has a cafe-like fast food to go stand in the ferry building. i told her that i thought it was called “the slanted cupboard”. it turns out it is called “out the door”. i liked the name that i remembered wrong better than the actual name.

this was our first time eating at the slanted door. the food was good, but not mind-blowingly great. portions were actually pretty big though, i certainly was expecting much smaller portions of food. my favorite dish was probably the lemongrass chicken that we had special ordered. it’s usually only on their lunch menu, but the chef made an exception and made it for us for dinner. it was fantastic!

the rest of the food was pretty good, but not ravingly so. i liked how tender the rib eye was, i liked the rice cakes, i liked the shrimp, and i sort of liked the spinach dish we got.

dessert was pretty good too, the beignets were amazing. it was freezing outside, i was hoping that it would be warmer after last week’s heat wave, so walking around outside was not much of an option.

twitter tools hiccup

looks like twitter tools might not like not having a tweet a day. oh well. i’ve decided that i’m going to try to keep the blog more blog-like and only have weekly updates of tweets in blog format.

there’s been a lot going on lately, but i have just been too tired and too busy to sit down and blog. but let me see if i can recap:

koda is going to puppy training class again. he’s doing better this time around, i think mostly because kiara isn’t there. i swear, when those two dogs are together, they stop listening to the rest of the world.

i have started to fix things again around the house. it almost seems like things break faster around the house than i can fix them, but i will get it all done, i swear! there’s a big to do list:
1) replace all door knobs in the house.
2) install new faucets in master and guest bathrooms.
3) install new overhead light in master bath. it’s been nearly two years, i just gotta go and do it. hopefully not electrocute myself in the process. the breakers are SO far from the upstairs…
4) landscape. ugh, this has been haunting me for a long time now. i have hated our front yard for a long time. did you know that the city of san jose has passed an ordinance that makes it illegal to water your yard when it is daylight?
5) repaint the front door. the problem with this is that you have to keep the door open ALL day while the paint dries. gotta wake up super early in the morning to get it done right. i’m trying to see if there’s a way i can screen off the front door so that we don’t get a zillion flies in the house while the door is drying…
6) make that MAME arcade already! where is it going to go??

so yeah, there’s a lot to do. i’m dropping all of my nights of volleyball for a while. with work and everything else to do, i need some time to just get stuff done.

i spent about an hour last weekend hacking away at a dead tree in front of our house. i got about half of it cleared away and decided to call it quits. i think i need a saw. i’m about ready to tear apart everything else in the front yard, but i have no idea what to replace it with. anybody have any landscaping ideas?